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Digital Credentials Institute (DCI)

  • badge imageA digital badge is an information-rich, validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality, or interest that can be earned in many learning environments and shared through online outlets.
  • A digital badge can represent attained knowledge, specific skills, set of skills, a certificate program or a course.
  • A digital badge is machine-readable and can be used to automate recognition, search and discovery of talent in 21st century recruiting and talent management

The Digital Credentials Institute (DCI) is a collaboration between Madison College and IMS Global with input from other interested stakeholders.

The purpose of DCI will be to provide free and subscription-based research on micro credentials and digital badge programs worldwide. We anticipate that The Digital Credentials Institute, along with IMS Global, will become the authoritative voice in understanding adoption, trends and topics impacting digital credentials, workforce training and development.

DCI will also offer fee-based consultation and education services to employers and institutions (K-20) for program design and implementation.

The institute, led by Executive Director Kate Radionoff and Associate Director Lesley Voigt, both recognized experts in the field of badging, also gives the institute brand credibility.

Radionoff serves on the IMS Global badge advisory board and on the Credential Engine higher education advisory board.

For more information on DCI, contact Kathleen Radionoff at: (link sends e-mail) or 608-258-2309; or Lesley Voigt at: (link sends e-mail), or 608-616-1044

For more information on digital credentials, visit IMS Global or Credential Engine.