Digital Credentials Institute (DCI)

Learn It. Earn It. Share It.

The Digital Credentials Institute (DCI), a division of Madison College, is dedicated to assisting organizations across all industries in the creation, design, distribution, advancement and ultimately acceptance of digital badge credentials.
We believe that learning is a continuous process, happening formally and informally.

Digital badges give organizations, and individuals, the ability to capture, authenticate and share that learning in a meaningful way.

Digital Badges

Digital badges align training with the needs of the workforce.  They also empower individuals to take their learning achievements with them, wherever they go, allowing the earner to own his/her knowledge.

A badge contains:

  • Verifiable digital credentials
  • A digital emblem globally recognized to symbolizing skills and accomplishments
  • Contains detailed content describing how the earner achieved the badge and can link to evidence of learning
  • Represents attained knowledge, specific skill, set of skills, certificate, etc…
  • Easy to share in social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, FB, blogs

To learn more about us, please visit our website, email, or contact Lesley Voigt, Director, Digital Credentials Institute, at 608-616-1044.