COVID Health Screener

Madison College Daily Requirements for Safe On-Campus Access

The first phase of our return-to-campus plan is now underway, on a very limited basis. Access to our building is very limited, and you must have an assigned class time (students) or approval from a supervisor (employees) to enter the building. To ensure the health and safety of the Madison College community, strict procedures are expected to be followed by all students entering any Madison College facility. Visitors, including family, friends, or the general public, are not allowed on campus at any time. In addition, events, meetings, and athletics events are prohibited at this time. 

Prior to coming to campus

  • Every day, you must complete the mandatory screening questionnaire between one and three hours before class begins.
    • You can use the link above.
    • You can download the survey monkey app on your phone or access it online.
    • You can use the link on the college website.
    • You can scan this QR code for quick access to the survey:


    • If you are not able to complete the screening survey online, please call the COVID screening coordinator at 608-243-4880 or email
    • You are required to complete a screening survey daily before EVERY class held on campus.
    • Surveys must be completed between one and three hours prior to class.
      • For an 8 a.m. start time, complete it between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m.
      • For a 6 p.m. start time, complete it between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.
    • Answer the questions completely and honestly.
    • You will be given a large green checkmark that means “YES, you may proceed to class” or a “Stop/No” prompt.
    • Take a screenshot of your survey result, as you will be required to show it to gain entry to the building.
    • “Stop/No” prompts will be reviewed by the Screening Coordinator who will determine whether it is appropriate that you attend the face-to-face classroom session that day.  If any of the questions require additional information or follow up, the Screening Coordinator will contact you directly.
    • Based on the screening questionnaire, you may be prompted to stay home.
    • Please contact your lead instructor immediately if you are prompted to stay home.
    • If you have any other concerns about being on campus, please contact your instructor.

Upon arrival to campus

  • You must show the approval you received on your mobile device with the current day’s date to the person who is letting people in the door.
  • Anyone entering a Madison College campus is required to wear a cloth face covering at all times.  You may wear your own cloth face covering as long as it is functional and in good condition.  It is your responsibility to wash it in hot soapy water and hang to dry between every class session.  Watch this short video or read this information from the CDC on how to wear a face covering.
  • If you do not have a cloth face cover, Madison College will provide to you a disposable mask at the door prior to entry.  
  • Bring in only the items you need for the day.  Leave all non-essential items in your car or at home.
  • Enter through your designated entrance (refer to your emailed instructions) while maintaining social distance.
  • Go directly to your assigned room.  Do not congregate at the entrance or in the hallway.
    • Your course instructor will inform you of room assignments and where to enter the building prior to arrival.
  • Students will meet in groups of no more than nine (9) in the same room for the duration of each class session.  The instructor will coordinate all activities and movement during class and may set up Webex for large group instruction.
  • If you have a fever or exhibit signs of illness, you will be directed home and will have to follow up with the Screening Coordinator and your instructor.

While on campus

  • Abide by restricted movement rules
    • Do not use communal areas (lounge, break rooms, etc.).
    • Use the restroom closest to your classroom.  Breaks will be coordinated/staggered to avoid congestion in the restroom areas.
    • Stay in your designated classroom except when using the restroom or leaving the building.
  • Wash your hands frequently. When hand washing is not possible, use hand sanitizer.
  • Touch only the surfaces and equipment that are needed for the lesson.
  • Practice social distancing by maintaining six feet of separation when feasible.  Minimize time in close proximity when that is not feasible.
  • Disinfect equipment throughout the day and at the end of the day under the direct supervision of your instructor.

At the end of each day

  • When class ends, immediately exit the building through the main entrance.
    • Maintain social distance. 
    • Do not congregate outside.

Anyone with a concern regarding the health of an individual on campus is encouraged to contact a COVID screening coordinator at 608-243-4880 or