Responses to commonly asked questions

Updated March 27, 2020 - 12:00 pm


    General Questions

    Will my class be online?

    We’ve come to the difficult decision that all Madison College facilities will remain closed through the end of the spring semester, Friday, May 15, in an effort to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

    Classes will resume in online delivery formats as appropriate and whenever possible beginning March 30. Please check the course status section in our new Online Student Resources section for the status of your class.  In addition, faculty will continue to provide students currently enrolled in classes with next steps regarding their specific courses.

    College leaders will continue to consult with and follow directives from CDC, Public Health Madison and Dane County and Wisconsin Department of Health Services as they make determinations for summer 2020 and fall 2020 course offerings.

    Should I contact my class instructor for course specific details?

    Your instructor will be your best point of contact for individual courses. Great thought and innovation has been put into instructional continuity in the online environment. Faculty have been asked to communicate with their students to update you on specific plans and what it means for you. Faculty are working around the clock to ensure the continuity of high-quality instruction so please be patient and wait to hear from your instructor.

    Will graduation be canceled?

    This celebration with friends and family that marks a student’s successful completion of their studies leading to a degree will be canceled for May 2020. The Vice President of Student Affairs is planning for an alternative celebration of our students’ success. Please pay attention for future communications from the Vice President of Student Affairs regarding this matter.

    Will the spring term be extended into summer?

    Faculty members are working to determine if their specific courses will need to be extended into the summer to allow their students to complete the course. The Provost/Chief Academic Officer and the Vice President of Student Affairs are collaborating to ensure that student financial aid is not negatively impacted.

    Will the spring term have an impact on the summer school course offering?

    The Provost/Chief Academic Officer and the Vice President of Student Affairs are collaborating to determine how summer school course offerings may be impacted. Madison College is planning to have summer school course offerings. The list of current summer course offerings may be modified pending the duration of the current pandemic. Please look for future updates here and in other communications regarding summer course offerings.

    Will I get a refund for my classes?

    Madison College is committed to making the transition to alternative delivery methods on March 30 a success. We ask that students work with their instructors to complete coursework for Spring 2020. In alignment with our current policies, if students are not able to complete their courses, they may drop their classes and submit a request for consideration of a refund. A refund request form will be available on the website as of Monday, April 6 and will be accepted through May 1, 2020. Student workers as well as students receiving financial aid and/or veterans benefits should consider the impact dropping classes may have on their funding.

    Is Student Development and Retention Services still open?

    Yes, remotely. Although the campus is closed due to COVID-19, SDRS teams are still available to assist students. Students can email us using their Madison College email at sdrs@madisoncollege.edu or beginning March 30 call us at 608-246-6076 to schedule a virtual Academic Advising, DRS or Counseling appointment.

    What will happen to my course with clinical hours?

    Clinical hours will be offered in a way that will allow students to progress, complete and graduate from their specific program.  Each program has unique clinical requirements so students can expect to receive more details from their clinical course instructor or Program Director soon.

    Are you an international student? 

    Please see the CEI site for more information https://madisoncollege.edu/f-1-student-faq

    Is the bookstore still open?

    Students can visit the bookstore online or call the bookstore to order books. The bookstore will ship books/materials to students free of cost.

    Academic Advising

    Will continuing student priority registration windows close?

    While we still encourage students to register during their priority registration window for the Fall, 2020 semester, the windows will not close this spring.

    Can I still meet with my Advisor while the College is closed?

    Yes. We encourage you to connect with your advisor as you may need help in selecting your summer and/or fall classes, have questions about your degree progress, want to check on your appeal or any other academic reason. We will offer advising appointments by phone, email, or virtually (WebEx), Monday – Friday. Beginning on March 30, you will be able to make an appointment by calling 608-246-6076 or you can email sdrs@madisoncollege.edu now to set-up an appointment.

    I want to register for fall to get the best options that fit my schedule, but I’m not sure what classes I need, how can I figure this out?

    If you have access to a computer and internet, you can run your Degree Progress Report from myMadisonCollege. More information about how to run and read your Degree Progress Report can be found here or make an appointment to talk with your assigned advisor and they can assist you. To make an appointment you can email sdrs@madisoncollege.edu or call (starting March 30th) 608-246-6076.

    I need transcripts. How do I request these with the college closed?

    There are two types of transcripts: official and unofficial. You will need to identify which one you need. You can access your unofficial transcripts anytime through your myMadisonCollege portal. You can find more information about the different types of transcripts and how to get them by visiting the transcript webpage.

     I need to take/retake the Accuplacer NextGen, can I do this?

    We are working on finding a virtual option for this and hope to have this identified very soon. We encourage you to visit our website for more information along with resources to use to prepare for the Accuplacer.

    I’m not finding an answer to my question(s), what now?

    Don’t worry, we are here to help. Please feel free to email us at sdrs@madisoncollege.edu or call

    (starting March 30) 608-246-6076 and we will be happy to try and help. If you still have questions, we can make an appointment for you to talk with your Academic Advisor.

    Career & Employment Services

    What resources can I access if my employment is impacted by COVID-19?

    Career & Employment advisors are available to provide individual job search support and coaching to students. Please email careerandemploymentservices@madisoncollege.edu to schedule a virtual appointment or ask a question. We also recommend checking out the following resources: WolfPack Connect App: Join the “Employment Events & Opportunities” group. Advisors are regularly posting immediate hiring opportunities of which we become here. Wisconsin TechConnect: The online source for Madison College student job postings and more. All students enrolled in at least one degree should automatically have access to create an account using their myMadisonCollege username and password. WorkSmart Network: Work one on one with an advisor for support finding employment, continued support while completing your academic program, and possible financial assistance for things like tuition and books.

    Department of Workforce Development: · Unemployment Insurance (UI) · Job Center of Wisconsin

    Dean of Students Office (DOSO)

    Will the DOSO still respond to students concerns and complaints while College facilities are closed?

    Yes, DOSO staff will continue to address student concerns and complaints received via the Student Concerns and Complaints online form.

     I am transferring to another college or applying for a job and I was given a document asking to confirm I was in good disciplinary standing at Madison College?

    Please send a copy of the document you need complete to deanofstudents@madisoncollege.edu. We will complete it within 14 business days.

    Counseling & College Success

    What Counseling Services can students access remotely?

    Students can access all Counseling Services remotely by email, telephone, and/or video conference starting Monday, March 30, 2020. Please call 608-246-6076 to schedule an appointment.

    What if I have a quick counseling related question that I would like someone to answer?

     Please email you question to counselingservices@madisoncollege.edu and a counselor will respond to your email within 24 hours.

    What if I am experiencing emotional distress and I need to speak with someone?

    If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, call 911 immediately. Otherwise, we recommend accessing a local or national crisis support line such as the following: Call 608-280-2600 (Journey 24-Hour Suicide Prevention Hotline) Call 800-273-8255 (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline)

    Disability Resource Services (DRS)

    Can I still meet with my DRS Specialist while the College is closed?

    DRS will hold all student appointments virtually beginning March 30, 2020. Please call 608-246-6716 or email drstransition@madisoncollege.edu to schedule an appointment or for general questions. Disability Resource Service staff will be unable to meet face-to-face during this time, but will be able to support you via email, phone, or a virtual meeting. Please don’t let this stop you from reaching out - our talented DRS experts are here to support you.

    Will Students with Disabilities still receive their accommodations?

    Disability Resource Services at Madison College acknowledges the significant effort required for faculty to quickly adapt their courses to online learning models. Switching to alternate forms of instruction will require us to ensure academic accommodations are provided within the spirit of federal guidelines, all the while being as flexible and creative as we can in response to this unprecedented circumstance.

    Accommodations that were approved for spring semester 2020 are still in effect in the online format, but in some cases specific accommodations may be provided differently than in face-to-face courses. DRS is committed to maintaining an interactive, effective process with students and faculty in these situations.

    Will Testing Accommodations still be available for students?

    During extended campus closure, Testing Accommodations will still be provided and delivered to students virtually.

    Students enrolled in online courses since term start will continue to access their exams via Blackboard. Students enrolled in face-to-face courses that shift to an online format may also use Blackboard for testing. Students requiring text-to-speech will use ReadSpeaker or (Text-to-Speech currently built into Blackboard or Kurzweil 300 (provided by DRS to students that use text-speech for their textbooks). Students using extended time for tests and quizzes will have this set by their instructor in Blackboard. (DRS and Testing will provide a training document for students and faculty).

    Students who need a reader for testing will be supported by the Testing Center by use of WebEx for live proctoring for the student.

    Will notetaking accommodations be available?

    Yes, DRS has contacted faculty and students currently providing/receiving notes to understand how instruction will change and work with each stakeholder individually to determine how to provide notes.

    In the online environment, there are 3 primary delivery modes for providing notes:

    -Faculty may continue to provide their own lecture notes to students via email.

    -If an instructor indicates that they will use live lecture via WebEx/Blackboard Collaborate or pod/lecture casts, an app called Yuja provides transcription and captioning that can be posted online or sent to a DRS student.

    -A peer notetaker listens to lecture, takes notes digitally, and email the notes directly to the student(s) or, in certain situations, the note taker will email them to the Note Taking Coordinator at notetaking@madisoncollege.edu who will forward the notes to the student(s).

    Will students still receive Sign Language Interpreting and Closed Captioning?

    Yes, sign language interpreting and closed captioning will be provided to students digitally via email or via cloud-based resources.

    Retention Initiatives & Student Engagement (RISE)

    Will my TRIO advisor provide me with academic planning support and class suggestions for the summer and fall 2020?

     Yes, you will receive outreach from your TRiO Advisor, Ra’Shi or Sara, with course suggestions for the summer and fall 2020 semesters.

    If I am nervous about online classes, what should I do?

    Please take advantage of the time management skills you learned with your success coach and reach out to them if you are unsure of anything or want assistance developing new skills.

    Can I still meet with my Advisor or Success Coach while the College is closed?

    Yes, all RISE staff are now working remotely. Please email your Coach (Pang for TRIO, Cesar, Jenni, Anna or Asia for RISE program coaching) or Advisor (Sara or Ra’Shi for TRIO or Shariah for MoE or TOPS) directly to ask questions.

    What should I do if I have an incomplete for the fall 2019 semester?

    If you have an incomplete course from the fall 2019 semester, please reach out to and communicate with those instructors about assignment due dates and any changes due to the shutdown.

    Emergency Financial Funding

    Are there any emergency financial assistance the college can provide me?

    Madison College understands that many of our students are experiencing financial challenges due to COVID-19. The College has assistance available to students who encounter emergencies for unexpected expenses related to job loss, temporary layoff, coronavirus medical expenses, utilities, housing/rent, or food insecurity. All assistance is paid on the student’s behalf to a third party. Funding is available to financial aid and non-financial aid students.

    The maximum available award is $500.

    Eligibility requirements

    · Be a degree-seeking program student\

    · Be enrolled at least half-time (six semester credits) and

    · Be in good academic standing with the College

    · Do not have a past due balance (recent past due balances will be considered with an explanation how COVID-19 affected their ability to pay tuition or living expenses.)

    · Provide supporting documentation or proof of an emergency. To apply students should complete the Financial Challenges form. A Financial Aid team member will review and process the request within three days.


    What is the status of Madison College athletics? 
    President Jack E. Daniels III and Athletic Director Steve Hauser announced March 13 that Madison College has canceled all athletic activities, including spring sports, for the foreseeable future. 
    The decision, made with the health of our college and greater community in mind, is in response to growing concerns regarding the continued spread of COVID-19. The cancellation applies to all Madison College athletic teams. In addition, the college has closed all athletic facilities and events held at these facilities are canceled until further notice.  

    What is the status of the spring athletic teams for Madison College? 
    Following the recent recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the NJCAA has made the difficult decision to cancel all upcoming basketball championships as well as spring competition, effective immediately. 
    “In light of the progressive evolvement of the COVID-19 situation, the NJCAA has decided to end all competition for the remainder of the academic year,” stated Dr. Christopher Parker, NJCAA President & CEO. “As an association, the NJCAA exhausted all possible avenues to potentially postpone competition for both upcoming basketball championships and spring sport competition. We believe following the recommendations of the CDC is in the best interest of our member colleges and our student-athletes.” 
    Spring competition includes all practices, regular season, post-season, and national championship play. 


    What is the status of hosted events on campus?  
    All Madison College locations are closed.  
    All hosted college events are canceled through May 15.   


    Is the financial aid office still open?
    Yes, remotely. Although the campus is closed due to COVID-19 precautions to the public, the Financial Aid team is still available to assist students with questions or concerns. Students can email us using their Madison College email at financialaid@madisoncollege.edu or call us at 608-246-6170 for assistance as normal.

    Since the campus is closed due to COVID-19, will my financial aid still be processed?
    Yes. The Financial Aid team is working remotely and administering all normal financial aid processes. If you are a student who is awaiting financial aid, our team is working to either award or disburse your aid. As normal, we encourage students to monitor their myMadisonCollege account for updates and messages.

    I recently applied for FAFSA, when would I receive a response?
    Processing times for students who complete a FAFSA application is 7-10 days. Students often receive confirmation from the Central Processing Center via email first when their FAFSA is processed. After the information is processed, the information is sent to the school afterwards. Madison College on average loads student records on a weekly basis to determine eligibility.

    Will financial aid processing be delayed due to COVID-19 impacts?
    No. All processes are operating under normal timelines.

    Will Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for financial aid change due to COVID-19?
    We are uncertain and await additional guidance from the Department of Education. We know, as outlined by the Department of Education, SAP must be measured at the end of the term. On March 5, the Department of Education shared some flexibility to schools due to COVID-19. This guidance allows students negatively impacted by COVID-19 academically to complete appeals under this pandemic. The Financial Aid team will work with each student on a case-by-case basis to minimize any disruption to financial aid eligibility.

    Since the campus is closed due to COVID-19, how do I get FAFSA completion assistance? 
    Although the Financial Aid team is unable to help you in-person, there are resources that are available to students to have questions answered. As you are completing your application online, the FAFSA “tips” section answers most questions. Students can also contact the FAFSA Customer Information Center at 1-800-433-3243 for assistance. Financial aid staff is available to answer questions via phone. We encourage students to watch the How to Fill Out a FAFSA tutorial as an overview. 

    Is Emergency Funding still available? 
    Yes. The Emergency Funding program is still operational in determining student eligibility for students – especially those impacted by COVID-19. The Financial Aid team is identifying additional resources to assist students. Students can apply by completing the Financial Challenges request form. The Financial Aid team will process all requests within three business days of receipt. Funding will be distributed to students (gift cards) or third parties (unpaid bills) based on established guidelines. 

    I must complete a Statement of Educational Purpose, how do I complete this when the campus is closed due to COVID-19? 
    Students who must complete the Statement of Educational Purpose has the option to visit a notary public who can verify the unexpired government issued identification and signature. Once completed, the original must be mailed to the address below. This document cannot be faxed or emailed. 

    Madison College Financial Aid Office 1701 Wright Street , Madison, Wisconsin 53704 

    Can I receive more financial aid this semester due to COVID-19? 
    It depends. Financial aid is offered based on eligibility requirements and available funding. In some cases, student loans may be available for students who did not reach their annual loan limit due to declining or reducing their offer. Students must be enrolled half-time (6 credits) and meet Satisfactory Academic Progress. We always recommend students contact us about options if you are experiencing a financial hardship. 

    If I withdraw from all of my classes due to COVID-19, what happens to my financial aid? Recent guidance from the Department of Education does not waive the implications for students who are impacted by COVID-19 and decide to withdraw from their classes. Therefore, students who withdraw from all of their courses or withdraw from modular courses that start during the second 8-week term may be required to repay some of their financial aid. We encourage students to review our website on Return of Title IV or contacting us before making any decisions. 

    I usually pay with cash. Can I still come to campus to pay my balance? 
    No. All Madison College campuses are closed to students and the public due to COVID-19. Students are encouraged to make online payments by check, credit, or debit card through their myMadisonCollege account until May 15, 2020. If you are a student concerned about bank fees, you may submit payment via money order and mail it to: Madison College Student Account Services, PO Box 7906, Madison, WI 53707-7906. Mailed payments may see processing delays. 

    As a Federal Work Study student, if the campus is closed due to COVID-19 how will I earn my pay?
    Due to the impact of COVID-19 and instruction now offered in an online learning structure only, students who remain enrolled and were working in a FWS position prior to the campus closure will be paid for the duration of the term as normal. Students who are able to perform their responsibilities remotely can still work. However, students whose jobs cannot be performed remotely will be paid for their scheduled hours until the end of the term. This is also true for non-FWS students. To be paid, all students must submit their time in Workday. If there are questions, students should work with their immediate supervisor.

    How do I submit documents for my financial aid?
    Students are highly encouraged to submit eligibility documents electronically via email at financialaid@madisoncollege.edu.  Students may submit documents via fax at 608-243-4245 or postal mail.  The financial aid team will continue to monitor all documents submitted and process them in the order they are received. Documents submitted via postal mail or fax may be delayed in processing due to COVID-19 impacts.

    I lost my job due to COVID-19 and now want to enroll in classes.  Can I receive financial aid for this semester?
    Yes. Students who complete all necessary steps for being admitted into Madison College, complete the FAFSA application, and enroll in an eligible financial aid program can receive financial aid.  Financial aid eligibility is determined based on meeting all Department of Education criteria.

    Will appeal deadlines be extended due to COVID-19?
    At this point, we do not foresee a disruption in our appeal process as it is electronic.  However, the Financial Aid team will allow flexibility as described in Q5 for students affected by COVID-19.

    How often is financial aid applied to students accounts?
    Financial aid disbursements occur weekly and are applied to student’s accounts.  The best way to expedite the financial aid refund to students account is through eRefunding.  This process allows the refund to be deposited via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and eliminates the postal mail wait time.

    I have an outstanding balance for Spring 2020.  Will there be any flexibility due to COVID-19 regarding your collections process?
    We are aware that students had unpaid tuition and fees for Spring 2020 and received a 20-day notice to pay.  Due to the impact of COVID-19, the institution has decided to delay the sending of accounts to our collection agency.  Students will now have until June 1, 2020 to resolve the outstanding balance.

    Does COVID-19 impact summer financial aid?
    No. The Financial Aid team continues to process student accounts as in previous years.  Summer financial aid is based on remaining Direct Loan and Pell Grant eligibility.  Students are encouraged to enroll and complete the Summer Financial Aid Request for aid consideration by June 15, 2020.

    Are Pell Grants impacted due to COVID-19 and the extended spring break?
    It depends.  All Pell grant students are awarded based on enrollment.  If there is a change to enrollment, it may result in a reduction of this award.
    For example: John is enrolled in 12 credits for the term.  He drops his three-credit 8-week course that starts on March 30 reducing his enrollment to nine credits.  Because John failed to attend his course that was considered in his Pell grant award, it must be reduced and returned to the Department of Education as unearned funding.  John would owe a balance to the institution in the amount of the Pell Grant that was reduced.
    We recommend that students contact the Financial Aid Office before dropping courses to understand the impact.  Contact financial aid at 608-246-6170 or financialaid@madisoncollege.edu


    How is Madison College addressing COVID-19? 

    All Madison College facilities will remain closed thru May 15Classes will resume in online delivery formats as appropriate and whenever possible beginning March 30. All college-wide activities are canceled until May 15. Faculty will provide students currently enrolled in classes with next steps regarding their specific courses before March 30. 

    College leaders are continuing to consult with public health officials. We will continue to update you as new information as it becomes available. 


    What is the current status of Madison College campuses? 

    All Madison College facilities district-wide are closed until May 15.  Classes for the spring term will resume in online delivery formats as appropriate and whenever possible beginning March 30.   


    All college wide events at all facilities are canceled through May 15.   


    How will the college communicate with me? 

    Madison College is committed to timely, accurate and honest communication to our entire community. Our latest updates will be sent via email and posted on our website pages devoted to COVID-19 updates or follow news updates we provide on our official TwitterInstagram and Facebook accounts. 


    Employees may also find updates relevant to their work on the Madison College intranet site. 


    What if I experience or observe harassment or discrimination? 

    Madison College is committed to providing a safe space for all students, employees and staff. Prejudiced behavior violates our values and our policies and should be reported. If you experience or observe harassment or discrimination, Madison College’s Harassment and Discrimination Policy webpage outlines how to address and report these types of unacceptable incidents. 


    How do I know if information I’m hearing is accurate? 

    Identifying and relying on credible sources is especially critical as information related to COVID-19 moves quickly. Be sure to verify the source of everything you read and hear. Whenever possible, rely on information directly from an official school, government, public health and reputable media reports.  



    What will happen if a person (student or employee) at Madison College tests positive for COVID-19?  
    First and foremost, we will always respect everyone’s privacy about health-related issues. We will never reveal the identity of any person who is being tested for symptoms or has had a positive test result. 
    Public health officials will contact the college if a person who had contact with our college (during the time period officials deem most important) tests positive for COVID-19. We will follow instructions from public health officials regarding for what to do for our college district. 
    What should I do if I feel sick? 
    If you experience symptoms (fever of over 100.4 degrees for more than 72 hours, shortness of breath, and dehydration), you should do the following: 
    •    Students: Call your healthcare provider or call GHC Nurse Connect Line at 608.661.7350 for advice on where you should go for care. The phone line is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days per week (24/7).  
    •    Employees: Contact your healthcare provider via phone for advice on where to go for care.   

    How can I practice social distancing? 
    Social distancing will help stop the spread of contagious diseases.  Stay at least 6 feet from anyone with symptoms.  In addition, avoid shaking hands.  See more information here: https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/publications/p02620b.pdf
    What if I have been in contact with somebody who is experiencing symptoms? 
    If you have been in contact with somebody who is experiencing symptoms, you should do the following: 
    •    Students: Contact the Dean of Students, Geraldo VilaCruz, GVilaCruz@madisoncollege.edu or (608) 246-6442 for guidance. 
    •    Employees: Follow the guidance from the public health organizations and communicate with your manager.  
    Is the GHC clinic at Madison College still open? 
    GHC has moved to a Level 3 response for their patients. This means that GHC is grouping patients at specific sites depending upon their recent symptoms. 
    The GHC clinic is still open at Madison College.  Please read the information below about where to go for your care needs:
    You can call the GHC Nurse Connect Line at 608.661.7350 for advice on where you should go for care. The phone line is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days per week (24/7).  
    If it is determined that you need to be seen in the clinic for respiratory symptoms, Madison College students and employees will be directed to go to the GHC Capitol Clinic, located at 675 W. Washington Avenue, Madison, WI starting March 18.  
    The Madison College Clinic will be considered a standard access care facility.  All patients will be screened prior to entering the clinic.  Patients and their attendants who have had fever, cough or difficulty breathing, or generalized body aches in the past 7 days will not be permitted to enter the clinics and will be advised to call the office for triage and site-of-service planning.