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Fall Courses

The Essential Instant Pot 

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So, you bought an Instant Pot…. Now what? Accelerate past the learning curve to and see and taste for yourself the easy, fast and delicious results of this amazing tool. After a basic use demonstration, we'll learn to make satisfying soups, stews, starches, sides and desserts. You may never cook the same way again.

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History of Wine Overview

Ever wondered where wine originated? We will discuss the origins of wine and touch on the major producing regions. Bring your favorite glass of wine to this virtual meeting. Enjoy a lively discussion amongst your classmates and a guided tasting of wine with the instructor.

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Knife Skills Overview

What does it mean to julienne, dice or to make a batonette cut? In what circumstances do you use different cuts? Learning how to work a knife properly may change your life as a cook. Get yourself a good knife and get ready. We will show you how to sharpen your knife and answer all of your questions regarding these sharp and pointy superstars of the kitchen.

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Making the Most of What You Have

What can you buy on your stock-up trips to give you the most bang for your buck? What do you already have in the pantry that would make a delicious and hearty meal. Join Shaileena online to work on meal planning and figure out what new things you can make with your favorite ingredients or what's already in your pantry.

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Let’s Make Supper

Fix three suppers in fun interactive web meetings with demos and expert help in putting the evening meal on your table. We’ll send a shopping list in advance then help you assemble the ingredients into a stunning supper. Week 1: Maple-Miso Salmon with green beans and roasted potatoes done right! Week 2: Char Siu Pork with Jasmine rice and Sesame Broccoli. Week 3: Oven roasted dry-rub chicken thighs, buttermilk slaw, and cowboy beans.

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If you can only boil water...

…then you can cook a lot more than you thought! What you do with hot water makes a big difference in terms of energy, saving money, retaining nutrition and elapsed time. Leverage the power of water to add some new tricks to your basic cooking skills and preserve the nutrients in your foods. Learn simple poaching, steaming without a steamer, cooking pasta with a small amount of water, and more. Join us in a live online meeting to ask any questions that that may bubble up.

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Pasta Made Easy

Out of pre-made pasta? A little flour and liquid, and our dinner is almost ready. Join our online meeting to learn how to make a simple fresh pasta and tomato sauce. We’ll be making pasta with our hands as the tools, starting from dough to the delicious final product.

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Plan-Ahead One-Pot Indian Meals

Learn how to make a couple of delicious one-pot hearty meals which can be made in bulk, divided into portions and stored in a freezer for later.

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Fried Rice

No wok? No problem. Learn some easy steps to complete a scrumptious fried rice in an online kitchen meeting. What goes into the rice? What rice to use? What oil is preferable to fry? It’s a great time to put this easy and inexpensive favorite into your meal rotation.

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French Breads

In towns and villages of France, bakery shops known as "boulangeries" sell fresh French bread daily, and many bakers make it with personal recipes. Real traditional French bread must use fresh flour, salt and yeast. Many types of supermarket breads use frozen dough, but this isn't regarded as real French bread. With so many types of delicious French breads, there's something that everyone can enjoy. Join us to learn how to master the classic french breads.

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Savory Spring Onion Pancake

It is so easy. All we need is flour, water, oil, spring onion (scallion), and salt. With a golden brown crust outside and fragrant scallion inside, the scallion pancake is a comfort food for any time of the year and pairs splendidly with many meal plans. Let’s fry some up and have a nice chat about what else we might serve with it.

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Instant Pot Soups Online

Learn to make home-made soups the Instant Pot way! Delicious easy to make soups that won't need to simmer all day. Also get some tips on how to get the best use from your multi-cooker. Vegetarian recipes included.

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Pan-fried Fish

How do you choose seafood? Fry with skin on or off? What is the best seasoning? How do you check to see when it's done? Bring your own questions about frying seafood to our online meeting.

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Easy Pie Crust

Who can resist a delicious golden brown pie or quiche? It all starts with a simple pie dough that requires only four ingredients: flour, butter, liquid, and salt or sugar. In this live online class meeting, see the detailed process to make pie dough and get answers to all your questions regarding pie making. When to bake and how long, thickness of pie dough, baking equipment... Get the answers in time for the holiday season!

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Braising Versus Stewing

No need to confuse these two cooking techniques any longer! Join us live on-line to see these similar methods that are ideal for fall weather cooking. We will be braising chicken legs and thighs and stewing to make pork and beef chili.

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Hand Made Truffles

Truffles are the perfect treat, gift or pick-me-up. With only a few ingredients, truffles are fun and easy to make. In this live online meeting, you will learn to make dark chocolate truffles with 3 different ganache fillings and 2 types of finishing. We will also cover the basics of tempering chocolate at home.

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Paleo/Low Carb Taco Night

Are you aiming for weight control but staying too close to a kitchen full of no-nos? Satisfy those cravings without the carbs! Join Shaileena online to learn how to make a low carb and healthy-yet-delicious street style cilantro lime shrimp and chicken chorizo tacos.

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