DACA Information

Student Support After Immigration Arrests

This past weekend federal immigration agents made several arrests in Wisconsin, including in Madison. The uncertainty surrounding these events has created anxiety for DREAMers and all students at Madison College.
Madison College practices inclusiveness in our classrooms and student services, particularly for our communities of color, immigrants, and other underrepresented populations. We prepare our students to engage in a world with increasingly diverse workplaces, customers, and neighbors. Our role is to continue to meet the needs of all students who enter the doors of our campuses and ensure that every student is provided with the support necessary to achieve their dreams.
The Office of Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement, led by Vice President Lucía Nuñez, is located in AB148J. Her office is available to assist individuals with questions and direct students to appropriate community resources. Additionally, information regarding community support services can be found below.
Madison College will follow the federal FERPA (student privacy) law and will only disclose information as it is necessary, and permitted, to protect the health and safety of students or other persons. Immigration status information of our students, faculty or staff will not be provided to non-college personnel unless required to do so by law.
Though these times are challenging, we will find strength in our communities and partnerships that will support all students moving forward.

Where can you learn more?

Online Resources


Contact Lucía Nuñez, vice president of the Office of Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement at (608) 246-6434 or vpequity@madisoncollege.edu