Degree Progress Report

The Degree Progress Report will help you:

  • Choose courses. It displays the classes you need to take for your program.
  • Review your enrollment history. It shows which classes you have completed and any transfer credit or other credit for prior learning awarded.
  • See your graduation requirements. It tells you how much you have left to complete.

This is your best tool for ensuring the classes you take meet your program requirements and keep you on track for graduation. 

*You must be admitted to a program or certificate to use the Degree Progress Report.

How do I use it? 

It's simple.

  1. Access your Degree Progress Report from myMadisonCollege.
  2. View the courses or requirements listed as "Not Satisfied". 
  3. Put the classes into your cart so you can register.

*under Find Your Courses

The Degree Progress Report is based on the program curriculum in place when you were admitted. So even if the program changes, you can follow the requirements listed on your Degree Progress Report.

More Enrollment Tools

Like the Degree Progress Report, these tools are available in myMadisonCollege to help you plan for and schedule your classes. 

1. Schedule Builder

Your chosen courses need to fit together as well as into your own personal schedule (work, child care, activities, etc.). Use the Schedule Builder to:

  • block times on specific days when you are unavailable
  • view possible schedule combinations 
  • choose the schedule that is best for you

*under Build Your Schedule

2. Academic Planner

Store a group of courses you would like to register for in an upcoming semester. You can plan for one, two or more future semesters.

*under Plan for Future Terms

3. Degree Scenarios

See how your completed classes fit into other Madison College programs by running a "what-if" degree scenario (WHIF). Only available in the New Portal.

*under Run a Degree Scenario (WHIF)

For additional support

Make an appointment with your program advisor. Find their name under the Add/Drop Classes section.

*Degree Progress Reports are not available to non-program or undeclared students.