Diversity at Madison College

Diversity is a personal and collective commitment to equity, inclusion and respect for all within the College and the community. Madison College cultivates and sustains an environment that recognizes the richness in human differences so that cultural awareness, sensitivity, integrity and justice flourish. Learn about Madison College's Affirmative Action Plan.

A Multicultural Environment

In 2016, Madison College appointed Lucia Nuñez as Vice President for Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement. She provides leadership, innovation and vision for diversity and inclusion efforts, as well as leads efforts to enhance engagement with the communities throughout Madison College’s 12-county district. Nuñez is the former director of the City of Madison’s Department of Civil Rights

Madison College is committed to diversity. We strive to grow and sustain a culture where all people are valued for who they are and who they will become. The nature of diversity includes but is not limited to: gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, age and religion. Each person is treated with respect, and all students are given the tools to find success. 

Student services and activities include:

A Safe Space for All

Madison College is committed to providing a safe space for all students, employees and staff. In order to create a safe space, MATC provides the following: 

  • An environment that is secure, accessible and comfortable for students and employees of all cultures
  • Consistent cultural competency training for staff 
  • A global and multicultural center that provides a safe space that nurtures learning and encourages exploration of issues of race, ethnicity, culture and globalization
  • Physical spaces that meet the needs of all students and staff 
  • A college-wide commitment to provide a safe, accessible and healthy campus