Drug Free Workplace Regulation




Responsible Administrator: Vice President of Human Resources

Location of Related Procedures: Office of Vice President of Human Resources

Madison Area Technical College (the “College”) will ensure that a drug free and healthful workplace exists and that the College maintains compliance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988. Therefore, it is expected that:

  1. Employees will report to work on time and in the appropriate mental and physical condition for work.
  2. Unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of controlled substances on College premises will not occur.
  3. Appropriate disciplinary action will occur for a violation.
  4. Drug dependency is recognized as an illness. An Employee Assistance Program will be provided for employees who voluntarily request referral to a treatment source.
  5. Employees will, as a condition of employment, abide by the terms of this policy and report any conviction under a criminal drug statute for violations occurring on or off the College premises while conducting College business. A report of a conviction must be made within five (5) days after the conviction to the immediate supervisor, as required by the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Act.
  6. The College will notify the appropriate Federal agency as required under the Drug-Free Workplace Act of any reported convictions of employees as identified above on a timely basis.

June 2014
June 2015