Enrichment Courses

Madison College offers hundreds of courses each year throughout our district for personal enrichment and growth. Explore new interests, develop new skills, and enrich your life. View our full catalog online, or browse some popular subjects below. Get inspired, and have fun!

Art Courses
Whether it's painting, art metal, or wheel-throwing, follow your passion in one of our many popular non-credit enrichment art courses.

Beverage Enrichment Courses
Taste, learn and enjoy new beverages in our beer and wine enrichment courses.

Cooking and Baking Courses
Meet some new people and enjoy the food you prepare together in cooking and baking enrichment courses.

Try Yoga, Tai Chi, or Zumba to keep looking and feeling great!

Gardening and Landscaping
Get some expert assistance with your plants and their pollinators.

Learn tools and techniques to piece together your unique family history.

Home Repair, Automotive, and Shop
Hands-on instruction in well-equipped labs is a great way to get started on your projects.

Learn banjo, guitar, harmonica, or ukulele, or try a group piano or voice class. We also have performing ensembles!

Photography and Video
Improve your understanding of your camera equipment and software to take better photos and apply effects to get the results you want.

Sewing, Upholstery, and Fiber Arts
Learn new skills, evaluate a design idea, and create your project with expert instruction.

World Languages
Affordable in-person conversational language instruction in over a dozen languages.

Writing and Publishing
Creative writing, publishing and workshops.