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Madison College Professional and Continuing Education offers noncredit events, seminars and webinars on a variety of topics. Register to attend upcoming events, or browse current and timely webinars. Short on time? Our “Take 10” webinars will fit valuable FREE information into your packed schedule in ten minutes or more!

Upcoming Events

Staying Connected Over the Holidays-Free Webinar

Work/life balance is hard to find when the lines between work and life are so blurred. Attend this short, free webinar to learn ideas for connecting and playing with friends and family – especially over the holidays.

Date: Wednesday, December 2 • Time: 1:00-1:30 pm  



Webinar Series

Tapping into Madison College and Community experts, we have created TWO series of our most timely and informative webinars and recordings. These webinars focus on you and your business, to help you thrive under current conditions, and successfully reopen when the time is right. Your content will be delivered via web link to the email address you provide upon ordering.

Cost per Webinar Series is $19.99

Best Practices for Working Virtually

Working from home for an extended period can be difficult to manage. For many businesses, it may become the new normal. How does an organization maintain company culture virtually? How can you ensure the best work-from-home environment and experience? How do you strengthen yourself mentally and emotionally to thrive during periods of physical isolation? Learn from Madison College experts how to be productive and stay connected while working remotely.

Included in Best Practices for Working Virtually Webinar Series:

  • Maintaining Organizational Culture in a Virtual Workplace
  • Working from Home for Leadership: Impact and Connection
  • Working from Home with Kids: the Practicalities
  • Working from Home with Kids: the Emotional Impact
  • Effective Strategies for Navigating Uncertain Times
  • Take Care of Yourself While Staying Safe at Home
  • Reframe Anxiety for Wellness and Productivity
  • Importance of Gratitude, Especially During Times of Crisis

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Tips to Safely and Successfully Reopen Your Business

We all look forward to returning to our physical workplace after a prolonged period at home. However, opening a company's doors does not necessarily mean return to business as usual. What does the new normal look like? How should a company resume operations while considering the health and safety of employees and customers? What are marketing best practices to let customers know your business is back? What is the impact on your employees during these major changes? Madison College experts share ideas, resources and experiences that will enable your company to hit the ground running as you reopen your business.

Included in Tips to Safely and Successfully Reopen Your Business Webinar Series:

  • 10 Practical Tools to Restart Your Small Business
  • Pathway to Choice: Facility Planning Guide to Return to Work for Commercial Business
  • 10 Marketing Tips to Reopen Your Business
  • Social Media Strategies: Staying Connected During COVID19
  • Cost Saving Business Strategies for Times of Crisis and Beyond
  • Emotional Intelligence: Why it’s Crucial in Times of Crisis
  • Emergency Action Plans that Work
  • Best Practices for Communicable Disease and Biohazards

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Take 10

Do you have TEN minutes to be inspired, improve your skills, grow and learn about important topics in professional development? Join Madison College experts as they share tips, secrets, and helpful hints across a variety of topics.

Stakeholder Management: the Secret Key to a Successful Project 

Stakeholders are important partners and can provide much needed insights into project risks and objectives. Learn approaches to stakeholder identification, communication strategies, managing expectations and relating to “opposed” stakeholders.


Phishing - Protecting Yourself Against Social Engineering

How can you tell a legitimate email from a malicious one? What can you do to better protect your own data? 


How to Become Your Own Personal Geek Squad

Learn to handle the unexpected connectivity and system challenges in working from home.


3 Strategies to Make Your Online Class More Interactive

Join Madison College instructor Nancy Woodward to learn three strategies guaranteed to make your next class or training more interactive by using student-student interaction, student-instructor interaction and student-content interaction.


Evacuation and Sheltering Procedures

Many employers and organizations struggle with the procedures of evacuating and sheltering. This recorded training will provide helpful suggestions to provide very clear directions and procedures to guide people to safety during critical incidents. July 1, 2020 Webinar Wednesday recording.


Workplace Violence Protection

A vast majority of workplace violence incidents can be avoided through early threat recognition and managerial response.


Crisis Management 101

This webinar is a direct, no-nonsense approach to understanding that key decision-makers need to be ready for serious events and will be counted on to make time-sensitive decisions during a crisis.


Up Your Game to Attract and Retain Amazing Employees

In 30 minutes, this webinar looks at innovative ways to attract employees, as well as how to effectively on-board and ensure employees and employers start their working relationship on the right foot.  


How to Engage Your Audience for the Greatest Impact

This webinar is for leaders, managers, job-seekers, presenters and connection-builders who want to make an impact when speaking in public.


Bullying in the Workplace

Learn to create a culture that eliminates bullying, and also to assess your own actions for possible intimidating behaviors.


Digital Badges – Transforming Employee Development

Learn how organizations can capitalize on digital badges to track and develop employee skills.


Business Resiliency – Little Luxuries

Learn what Little Luxuries, a business on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin, does to survive and thrive in our current environment. Owner Amy Moore talks about her strategy with Madison College’s Kristin Gebhardt.


MS Excel Tips and Tricks

MS Excel is one of the best productivity tools available. In ten minutes, learn basic tips such as how to set up Excel tools to optimize efficiency, change Excel themes, format data appearance, use flash fill, and other handy shortcuts.


Crisis Communication

Learn to assess a crisis and craft an appropriate communication strategy and plan.


Early Intervention Against Workplace Violence

Learn how to recognize early warning signs of violence and report concerns.


Domestic Violence Awareness for Employees

By understanding the cycle of domestic violence, you can help create a culture of resources in your organization.


Evacuation and Sheltering

General tips on what to do when employees go into a lockdown or evacuation mode.