Prepare for Flexible Learning

We are here for you.

Please contact an advisor with questions about flexible learning. During the fall 2020 term, we will offer virtual appointments via phone or video conferencing (WebEx) Monday through Friday (general hours include 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., times vary by advisor)

To make an appointment, email sends e-mail) or call 608-246-6076 and someone will assist you.

Learn more about our health and safety plans for the fall semester. 

Madison College offers a wide variety of classes you can take online -- when it's convenient for you!

Things to be aware of as an online learner:

  1. Your online instructor will use a Madison College email to contact you roughly one week prior to the official start date. Activate and access your student email account to get important course information.
  2. A virtual classroom will be open and available about one week before the official start date. Madison College uses Blackboard to complete activities. Learn how to use Blackboard.
  3. Check to make sure your computer can handle an online course. Confirm you have the correct browser and download Microsoft Office for free. A high speed internet connection is generally required. You need a computer to complete online classes at Madison College; not all features are accessible on a mobile device (like your phone).
  4. Most online courses require specific textbooks, software and webcams. Find out more by reading the precourse information in Blackboard, a precourse email from your instructor or the class notes. Often, textbooks are required on day one.
  5. Log into your Madison College virtual classroom on or before your online course start date. Most online courses have a required activity due on or before the course start date.
  6. Online courses generally have regular deadlines to help you make progress in learning. Deadlines are most often weekly or biweekly, but can vary. Be sure to locate the deadline structure for your specific online course to make sure it works with your schedule.
  7. Schedule regular study time for online courses. Most courses require at least three hours of work each week per credit. Scheduling shorter study sessions several times a week can make courses easier to complete.
  8. All Madison College policies apply to you even though you may never meet your instructor or classmates in person while taking on online course.
  9. Computer access is required for all online courses. Mobile devices might not deliver the function you need to participate in an online course. A webcam and microphone are required for some classes, and for others, they are not required, but will be helpful.
  10. Technical help for online courses is available from the library computer help desk. If you have problems with your personal computer, Wolfpack Techies can fix many problems for free or at low cost.
  11. Review the tips about how to behave online on our Online Learning Etiquette page.