Food Service Facility Agreement

Use this form when applying to the continuing education Dietary Managers Program at Madison College.

It is our understanding that the institution named below will cooperate in the following areas to ensure a quality learning environment for the employee named below if accepted as a student in the MATC Dietary Manager Program:

  1. Provide opportunities for our student(s) to achieve maximum knowledge, skills and abilities essential for personal growth and job success as dietary managers.
  2. This facility will share responsibilities with the school by providing a preceptor who is a registered dietitian with no less than one year post-registration job, full-time experience in a practitioner role, and at least six months of this experience is related to the subject matter of the program.  The preceptor is responsible for coordinating the entire 150 hours of field experience, and directly supervising or coordinating 30-50 hours in nutrition-related experience.
  3. Your support represents a sincere interest in not only the student’s success but also the quality of your food service staff as a whole. We encourage you to reach a mutually acceptable agreement with the student. (For example, you want to agree to pay for books upon successful completion of the course, which could be used by another food service employee in the future).