The Center for International Education is here to support current and prospective F-1 Visa students.

  • Obtaining Visa Documents from CIE

    How Can I get My I-20 or Other Visa Related Documents from CIE?

    CIE moved all items awaiting pick-up by one of our F-1 visa holding international students to an off-campus location with a CIE staff member. This includes any I-20 that CIE issued or mail received on behalf of a student before Spring Break that was not picked-up before campus closed. Simply email to request the needed document. CIE will either email or mail the item to you. Whenever possible, CIE staff will also do their best to mail I-20s issued while the campus is closed.

  • Submitting Application Documents

    I am an international applicant. How can I submit documents for my admission application?

    Where official documents are required (transcripts, English language test scores, credential evaluation reports*), these should be mailed to the following address. In-person drop-off is not available during campus closure.

    International Admissions
    1701 Wright Street
    Madison, WI 53704

    Where unofficial documents are accepted (copies of passport, visa stamp, financial documents, etc.), these may be submitted via email to

    *Some credential evaluation agencies may send official evaluation reports electronically to Madison College.

  • International Admission Contact Info

    I have a question about the International Admission process. How can I get assistance?

    CIE is prepared to assist international applicants by:

  • International Student Services Contact Info

    I have a question about my F-1 visa status. How can I get assistance?

    CIE is prepared to assist international students by:

    • Email:
    • WebEx—Simply email to schedule a virtual meeting.
    • Coming Soon: CIE is actively exploring other ways in which we can assist you remotely and is working to develop ways to connect you with other students virtually. Check your student email account for announcements and Like us on Facebook.
  • Online Classes Visa Status

    If all classes go online, will there be an impact on my F-1 visa status?

    F-1 visa students are typically limited in the number of online courses allowed each semester.  However, the U.S. government has given permission for international students to remain in compliance with F-1 visa regulations if the college decides to move all classes online in response to coronavirus concerns. Regardless of any changes to the mode of instruction, you are required to continue actively participating in all of your classes to maintain visa status. If you are finding this challenging given the circumstances, please email as soon as possible, so we may advise you on options.

  • OPT Visa Status

    I’m an F-1 visa student on post-completion OPT and COVID is affecting my employment. Does this impact my F-1 visa status?

    If you are on post-completion OPT and your employer is requiring employees to work remotely, please know that continuing to work at a remote or alternative location would fulfill F-1 visa requirements. Please email the new address at which you are working, so we may update SEVIS accordingly. Include the date at which you began working at this alternative location and notify us when you have returned to the standard location. If your employment is ending because your company is closing in response to COVID-19 and your work cannot be completed remotely, please email for further guidance. CIE anticipates guidance is forthcoming from the SEVP regarding the impact of COVID-19 closures and the regulatory limit of accruing less than 90 days of unemployment while on post-completion OPT.