Guidelines for Obtaining Quotes

Madison Area Technical College (Madison College) purchasing procedures outline the policy for the competitive procurement process.  Refer to the purchasing requirements for more information.

If you are unable to obtain the required number of quotes, you must provide documentation by requesting a:

  • Sole source letter from the supplier
  • Piggybacking on a cooperative contract

Note:  This must be specific to the item you will purchase.  We recommend you work with the Purchasing department to insure the contract is adequate and that piggybacking is allowed.

If after solicitation in a competitive procurement competition is deemed to be inadequate, you must document your attempt and explain the circumstances that resulted in less than the required number of quotes.

When initiating your purchase order, complete the waiver/additional data portion in Workday.  In addition, attach all quotes, as well as all additional documents (i.e., sole source letter, cooperative contract, explanation of inadequate submissions for your solicitation) to the Workday purchase order.

  • How to Create a Quotation Template:
    • Create a new, unique form for each purchase which you intend to get a quote for.
    • Update the quote issue date.
    • The request should be sent to all vendors on the same day.
    • Fill in your Contact Information (name, address, email, telephone, etc.) in the section called “return quote to:”
    • Provide a specific due date for the return of the quotes.
    • Fill in the quantity and description of the goods or services you are seeking.
    • The rest of the form should be completed by the vendor. 
    • Make sure that you send the exact same Request for Quote (RFQ) to each vendor.
    • Email or send the form to the vendors and wait for the responses to come in.  It is advised to send out more than the exact number of quotes required, to allow for a lack of response from all vendors.
  • Sample of Request for Quote

    NOTE:  This is a SAMPLE for you to use as you develop your own specific RFQ.  If you need assistance, please email purchasing.



    For Diploma and Award Covers

    Quote issue date:                       February 22, 2011
    Quotes must be received by:     March 6, 2011 4:00 PM C.S.T.
                                                        No late submissions will be accepted

    Return quotes to:

    Madison Area Technical College   
    Attn:  Purchasing

    Madison College invites vendors to submit written quotations for diploma and award covers. 

    Specifications Are:

    Diploma Covers:  Approximately 1500 per year
    7” x 9” panoramic fold, royal blue, morie lining (white), calf grain, embossed old English, 2-line school name (gold), side corner pockets with certigard included.

    Awards Covers:   Approximately 300 per year
    4 ¼” x 6 ½” panoramic fold, royal blue, morie lining (white), calf grain, block type (gold), side corner pockets with certigard included.

    Covers quoted on must at a minimum be equal to the sample diploma cover and award jacket enclosed with this RFQ.


    Covers are to be delivered to:
        Madison Area Technical College
        1701 Wright Street
        Madison, WI  537034

    Shipping is FOB Destination Prepaid.  Include All shipping and handling costs in the prices quoted.


    Award may be split among vendors – Diploma Cover to one vendor, Award Cover to one vendor.

    Award will be made to the vendors with the lowest price meeting specifications.

    Any questions regarding this request for quotes should be directed or Purchasing 608.258.2316.

    All quotes must be submitted on the attached Madison College form.



    Quotes must be received by:   Friday, March 6, 2011
                                                      4:00 PM C.S.T.

    This quotation must be signed by a company official who has the full authority to legally bind the prime vendor to the proposed obligations.  The signer of the proposal must also declare that the quotation is made without collusion or fraud and that the proposal represents no conflict with the Code of Ethics requirements of the District Board.

    Diploma Covers (Each)   $_______________________________

    Awards Covers (Each)     $_______________________________


    Firm Name:____________________________________________________________________                                                                                                     


    Email  _________________________________________________________________________

    Phone:  ________________________________________________________________________

    By: _____________________________________________________________________________                             


    Signature: ___________________________________________________    

    Title:  ________________________________________________________

    Date:  ____________________________

DO NOT CONTACT A VENDOR TO ASK FOR A LOWER PRICE AFTER THE QUOTES ARE RECEIVED.  Doing so would be highly unethical.  Each vendor has been given a fair and equal chance to quote.  By giving any vendor a second opportunity to quote, you put the District at risk for serious criticism and you jeopardize future requests for quotes by the District from the vendor community.

Always document the process:  Keep copies of all quotes received.  By policy we are to maintain records documenting purchases (the Purchasing department will maintain the records as part of the Purchase Order Record).

Freight Terms:  The most favorable terms for the District are FOB destination.  This term is stated on the quote form.  “FOB (free-on-board) destination” defines ownership of the shipment and means that the supplier owns, and is liable for, the shipment until it reaches your receiving department or other designated place.  Should the shipment be lost, damaged or destroyed before it gets to you, the shipper is responsible.  All quotes should contain this term.

Warranty:  Check terms.  Know when the warranty begins and ends.  In some (high end equipment) cases the warranty should begin when the equipment is installed, tested and has been accepted by the District.

Installation, training and other unique requirements:  Be sure to include any unusual requirements that you are expecting of the vendor when you issue the request for quotations.