School of Professional and Continuing Education

Health Care Interpreting Approval Form

Please use this form when applying for the Health Care Interpreting program in the Madison College School of Continuing Education.

List names of high schools and institutions of higher learning that you have attended. List, one per line, Name and City, State of School, Dates, and Degree Conferred.

"Proficiency" Definitions:

Elementary proficiency: can perform most basic functions such as buying goods, reading the time, ordering simple meals and asking for directions.

Limited working proficiency: able to converse with confidence about current events, work, family & personal information, can get the gist of most conversations on non-technical subjects

Professional working proficiency: sufficient grammar and vocabulary to participate effectively in most conversations (social and professional) rarely has to grope for a word

Full professional proficiency: fluent and accurate on all levels with a high degree of fluency and precision of vocabulary, makes only minor errors in pronunciation & grammar, can interpret informally

Native or bilingual proficiency: speaking proficiency equal to an educated native speaker (vocabulary, idioms, colloquialisms, cultural references)