HESI Admission Assessment (A2)

Due to the COVID-19 situation and campus closures, in person testing sessions for HESI testing will not be available until after July 31, 2020. The remote proctored testing window will be open May 15 - June 10, 2020. We are working with the test company, Elsevier, regarding remote proctoring sessions. Please see Step 4 below for more information. Please read the information on your Program Page regarding petitioning for the next several semesters.

The Nursing program at Madison College utilizes the online, proctored HESI (A2) assessment tool. Due to the customizable nature of HESI, the test must be completed at Madison College. Testing windows are 10-12 weeks long.

The HESI test could take up to five hours, however most students complete in less time.

If you have a disability and require testing accommodations, complete the testing accommodations reservation form.

Please refer to your Degree Progress Report to determine if you have already met the testing requirement for your program.

HESI Testing Process

  1. Registering for the Test

    Follow these steps to pay the testing fee and register for a testing session.

    1. Create a myEvolve Account

    Create a myEvolve account on the Elsevier website by clicking the Sign In link at the top left, then click Create Account. Be sure to enter your Madison College student ID correctly so that your test results will be received. An email with your login details will be sent to your email address - save this, you will need this information at the time of testing.

    2. Add HESI Test to Your Account

    From your myEvolve account, you will need to add the HESI student access to your account. Click on To add more content, visit the catalog link. Under the HESI Secured Exams section, click on Register for Results and Remediation. You will need to Register and Checkout/Redeem the HESI Registration for $0.00. Once you have added the HESI Registration, you will land on the Update your Account page. Check the box that you are not affiliated with an institution and click Continue.

    3. Pay for the Test

    From your myEvolve account, click on the HESI Assessment Student Access link. You will need to agree to the Terms & Conditions (scroll to bottom of terms). On the account page, click on the Payments tab and enter the payment ID 19064. Ignore the Payment Due By date.

    You will be prompted to purchase your test for $46. Complete the payment transaction (Note: if someone is paying the fee for you, the name and address of payment billing info must match the name on credit/debit card). You will need to bring proof of payment to your testing session.

    4. Register for Testing Seat

    Once you have paid for the test on the Elsivier website, reserve your testing seat at the college by clicking the button below.

    Reserve Your Testing Seat

  2. Test Preparation

    The HESI (A2) assessment tool consists of:

    • English Comprehension: Reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and general knowledge
    • Math: Basic math skills
    • Science: Biology, chemistry, and anatomy and physiology


    Prior to taking the HESI, we encourage you to use Madison College library resources and consider purchasing preparation products. The preparation book ISBN is 9780323353786. All products can be purchased individually or in packages from the Evolve website.


    You will need to check your program admission requirements to ensure the HESI is completed prior to any program deadlines.

  3. Results & Retesting

    Madison College has determined individual program benchmarks - refer to your program admission requirements to determine your results.


    Remediation information is available 24 - 48 hours after completion of exam.


    Students who do not pass the first attempt of the HESI test will receive Results & Remediation via email. You have 1 retake during each testing window, at the specific retest sessions. There is no required waiting time to retest. You will need to pay the $46 fee before scheduling your retest. On the account page, click on the Payments tab and enter the payment ID 19065. Ignore the Payment Due By date.

  4. HESI Testing Remote Delivery Information

    How to register and schedule your Remote HESI exam.

    All information subject to change at any time.

    Hello Prospective Nursing Students,

    We've been working with Elsevier to get your HESI exam set up with online proctoring through ProctorU so that you don't experience any delays in your petition process. They have created a website to walk you through how to set up an account, schedule your exam, and access support if needed. If you choose to use this method, please consider registering for your test as soon as you are ready.

    At this time, we have scheduled one extended testing window for you. Testing will run May 15-June 10. You may take your HESI exam at any time on those days. There is a limit on the number of seats available, so schedule your appointment soon, to reserve your seat.

    PLEASE NOTE: ProctorU, as agreed upon my Madison College and Elsevier, will administer your exam. You will not be communicating with Madison College testing staff during your exam.

    You may want to print these instructions as you prepare for your exam.

    PURCHASING YOUR EXAM: If you have already purchased a testing ticket for a first try or a retest and did not get to use it, you may use it for a remote testing session.

    Move on to setting up your appointment with ProctorU.

    If you have not yet purchased a testing ticket, please view the Video on the HESI Webpage. Purchase a test using Payment ID 19064.

    Important: It is imperative that you Read and Follow Directions throughout this process to ensure your ability to test within the allotted dates/times we have reserved!

    Important: Please set up your ProctorU account and register for your test session as soon as you receive this notification!

    Students who have used ProctorU previously - If you have ever used ProctorU before, you cannot use your standard insitution account. The process is different for HESI exams, please visit this site and follow the steps outlined there as soon as possible.

    RN Admission Assessment 1st time Madison Area Technical College
    RN Admission Assessment 2nd time Madison Area Technical College
    1st time, with accommodations Madison Area Technical College
    2nd time, with accommodations Madison Area Technical College
    You cannot test with accommodations unless accommodations are in place with Madison College.
    Students who have not used ProctorU previously - please read this website and follow the below steps and instructions to get started with ProctorU.
    STEP 1:

    Create a ProctorU username and password in order to register for and take your exam

    For your Institution, please select "**Elsevier-HESI**"

    If you already have a ProctorU account, you will need to sign in and then "add enrollment" from your profile > account settings and select "**Elsevier-HESI**" for the Institution.

    Update account.

    STEP 2:

    For all exams: Register for your exam(s) ASAP upon receiving this email to ensure a time slot is secured or at least 72 hours prior to your test date.

    Please register directly on the ProctorU website, no need to do so in your HESI account.

    When registering your TERM will be the name of your Institution.

    If you do not find a time available for the first date, you can also click to the next two days to see other available times.

    Test your equipment and connection here

    All students - once you have set up your ProctorU account and have registered for your HESI exam session, please email a screen shot for your registration confirmation to Amy at amaurice@madisoncollege.edu
    All students Important notes for testing:
    You will need to have your Evolve username and password in order to test (you will be prompted for this after starting your exam session).
    You will need a computer, a webcam and a microphone to take this exam. You will also need to be in a well-lit, private and quiet area that is free from interruption.
    You will be connected to a live proctor for this exam and asked to show a Government issued ID to authenticate your identity. Your face and screen will also be recorded through the duration of the exam.
    You will be asked to show your entire testing space during the startup process.
    The startup process will take 10-15 minutes and does not deduct against your actual exam time.
    It is important that you have enough bandwidth available during the exam. Be aware that other people on your network streaming videos or using excessive bandwidth can impact your testing experience.
    You have all worked very hard to get to this point and I'm excited for you to take this next step. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Good luck on your exams? Amy Testing Program Advisor Madison Area Technical College




















Test Policies

  • Arrive 10 - 15 minutes prior to your test time.
  • Bring receipt to verify payment and Evolve user name and password.
  • Valid photo ID.
  • Cell phones, pagers and other electronics are not permitted in the testing room. Lockers are available.
  • Purses, backpack and bags must be placed in the lockers.
  • There are surveillance cameras within the Testing Center.
  • No children are permitted in the test area.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted in the testing room but can be brought and left outside the testing room.
  • Students may take short breaks between the components of the test and have access to their food and beverages.
  • Students, employees and visitors are prohibited from possessing or carrying weapons while in any of the Madison College Testing Centers. This includes on-duty, certified law enforcement personnel in uniform. Law enforcement personnel are asked to schedule test when they are off-duty and not in uniform. This does not include Madison College public safety personnel or authorized instructors from the School of Human and Protective Services.
  • Acts of dishonesty are are subject to disciplinary action.
  • The testing rooms are confined spaces. Please be considerate in your use of fragrance or similar products, as the use of such products may trigger allergic reactions and create health problems.