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Hands-on instruction from subject-matter experts in special-purpose labs make our repair, woodworking and welding classes very popular with people who want to "do it yourself." Sign up early to reserve your space.

Fall Courses

New Driver Preparation and Safety

Are you gearing up to take a driver’s test? Maybe you're a teen who completed a driver education program and needs some help passing the permit test, an adult who never took driver education, or a parent wanting the most up-to-date information to help their teen. We’ll discuss license procedures, signs, signals, and roadway markings, roundabouts, emergency situations, and everything in between, with the main focus being on what you are hoping to learn. Vehicles are safer now than ever before, but the average person has 3-4 vehicle accidents over the course of their lifetime. Learning more about driving can help you to be safer on the roadway. There will be no homework, no permit test, and no behind-the-wheel activity in this course, but you will get information on safe and smart driving that could save your life. This course is not valid for points reduction.

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Basics of Automotive Maintenance

This course will show you the basics for checking and maintaining oil fluid, air filter, brake fluid, antifreeze, tire pressure, air filters and other questions you may have. Approximately half of the class will be presentation, including safety, and the other half will be spent in the lab checking the above fluids and pressures so that you may do it yourself when needed. This course will also help prepare you to discuss issues when you need to take your car to be repaired.

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