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What People are Saying

  • Welcome to the Impact Initiative: Madison College Academic Plan 2014-2017. Use this site and report as a guide for insight and affirmation. Skim it, dive deep, ponder it. If more of us end up saying, "Hmmm, you know what we should do? Might do? Could do? Must do?" based on trends, data and our own ideas, we will rock the higher ed world. Come on in...check it out.closeQuote
–Turina Bakken, Associate Vice President, Learner Success
Team Lead for the Impact Initiative
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What is the Impact Initiative?

engaging, ongoing planning

As the world around us continues to change, so must we. This Impact Initiative reaffirms our 102-year commitment to offering a market-responsive, accessible and innovative academic portfolio to benefit our students, communities, partners and other stakeholders. The Impact Initiative...check it out.

Assumptions and Values

How to use it:
For inspiration and engagement;
To inspire new ideas an innovations; and
To build a more responsive infrastructure.

What it is not:
Isolated but rather integrated with other college plans and priorities;
A recipe or set of mandates; or
An inventory of the good work we do at Madison College.

Experience the power of AND

Throughout this process, we noticed the passion around rich educational traditions and beliefs often clashing with the innovations and disruptive technologies of today.
It's not either or, it's


It is about online and face-to-face instruction, credit and non-credit programming, 18-year-olds and returning adults, post-baccalaureate credentials and dual credit K-12 offerings.


Associate degrees and paths to transfer, attending class across our District and across the globe through study abroad, technical skills and critical liberal arts competencies.


Only by holistically defining our academic portfolio and implementing the ideas, talent and energy of all of us will we continue to evolve as the educator of choice in our District. As such, the purpose of the Impact Initiative is to…

Guide the creation and evolution of a sound and innovative academic portfolio as it relates to our marketplace (students, employers, taxpayers, partners and other stakeholders) over the next five years.

How it was Built

Positioning our academic portfolio for the greatest positive impact can only be accomplished by tapping the ideas and energy of all.

At some point during this process, the entire college community has been invited to create, reinvent and affirm what we do and how we do it. There were also several activities designed to include our external stakeholders, including Advisory Boards, employers and economic development partners. Here is a short synopsis of some of the key steps that have gotten us to where we are today.

How it was Built timeline

Our Journey

102 years of excellence

Since 1912, Madison College has been preparing each new generation to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. What began as a humble trade school has grown into a global institution known for its approach to innovative learning that is responsive to the needs of the community.

Excellence in Education since 1912

Vision: The leader in accessible, affordable education that meets the evolving needs of the community.

Mission: Madison College strives to provide access to quality education for all and foster learning and success.

Values: Academic excellence, commitment to students and community, making higher education available to all.

Madison College District

The strategies and actions included in the Impact Initiative will ensure that evolution continues in the most efficient, strategic and innovative manner possible over the next five years. For a snapshot of how our academic portfolio looks today, check out /programs-classes.

As we continue into the 21st century with more college transfer opportunities, new programs, more training programs, continued expansion and constant listening to the communities, businesses and citizens, Madison College is set for another century of student success.

Let our new journey begin...
Programs of Study

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