Incident Management and Public Safety

Madison College’s Business and Industry Services is now offering customized security planning & services to business and corporate stakeholders in our district.

Services include:

  • On-site physical security assessments
    • Evaluate both interior and exterior environments for current exposures and security liabilities
    • Provide a detailed assessment of findings and recommendations
  • Active shooter and intruder planning
    • Review existing emergency action and crisis response protocols
    • Guide policy implementation practice updates
  • Management & employee training on active shooters and critical incidents
    • Develop personal & organizational response strategies to prepare employees and stakeholders to recognize and respond to threats
    • Revise procedures for management of common incidents
  • Evacuation procedure review and planning
    • Evaluate and revise current procedures and evacuation plans
    • Assess lock-down protocols
  • On-site exercises, tabletops, and drills
    • Develop and execute real-time situational events
    • Evaluate emergency response and execution of best-practice strategies
    • Provide confidential review of observations and outcomes
    • Design improvement plans.
  • Continuity and Recovery planning
    • Create and/or revise business continuity protocols for faster recovery and damage control

If you have questions or specific needs, please contact us. We have the resources and expertise to create customized solutions to address the unique needs of your organization.

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