Insurance Continuing Education

The Madison College courses below provide continuing education hours for insurance professionals.

Ethical Practices in Insurance

This class provides an overview of Wisconsin Insurance Laws including fair marketing, suitability of product, fair claims practices, agent responsibilities and relationships and making ethical decisions. 4 CE hours.

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Cyber World Legal Liability

The American legal system has undergone dramatic changes in recent decades as it responds to excessive litigation and challenges initiated by the cyber world. In this course, you not only will learn about these changes, but you also will study the complicated jurisdictional questions stemming from cyber cases and review proposals to limit the number of lawsuits (particularly nuisance suits) filed in this country. This course is 4 hours of insurance continuing education.

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Wisconsin Insurance Law Review

This course will explore insurance industry regulations and review the legal issues associated with the following coverages: property, casualty, accident, health, life and annuities. You also will learn more about the Health insurance Risk Sharing Plans currently available in Wisconsin. This course is 4 hours of insurance continuing education.

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Social Insurance

This course provides an updated look at Social Insurance Programs in America, with major emphasis on the two largest programs: Social Security and Medicare, to include eligibility and funding requirements and the extent of benefits for each program. Other insurance programs will be explained, including Unemployment Compensation, Disability Insurance and Workers Coinsurance Insurance. Learn about the Affordable Care Act and its impact on health insurance in America. This course is 4 hours of insurance continuing education.

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