Student Life Leadership Development

Student Life Leadership Certificate Program

Madison College's Student Life Leadership Certificate gives you the opportunity to build on past leadership experiences, learn to become a better leader, and demonstrate to employers that you are capable of taking on a leadership or supervisory role. You will work with an advisory committee to build a leadership portfolio that you can share with prospective employers.

In this program , you will document what you’ve learned about leadership by reflecting on your experiences, visiting with community leaders, and participating in service learning opportunities. Upon completion, you will be recognized at the annual Celebration of Student Success Banquet with a special medalian that you can wear at graduation.

To apply for the program, contact the Student Life or call (608) 246-6576.

Leadership Portfolio

Leadership Portfolio

Your leadership portfolio documents what you've learned through participation in the Leadership Certificate Program. A completed portfolio will contain the following required element and two of the optional elements:

Research Component (required)

  1. Interview two leaders in the community about what it means to be a leader, necessary qualities of a leader, what they have learned through their leadership roles, etc. An interview transcript and a summary of what you learned go in your portfolio.
  2. Complete any combination of two items from the following list: readings on leadership, workshops or seminars, conferences or webinars. Include a 300- to 400-word reflection about what you learned from each item in your portfolio.

Experiential Component (optional)

You must hold an official leadership role at the college, on the job or in the comunity for at least one full semester (or four months). This can be a leadership role in a club or student group, a mentoring role or a supervisory role.

Your portfolio wil include the official job description and a note from your supervisor or advisor indicating satisfactory performance. In addition, you will include a 300- to 400-word summary of what you learned.

Academic Course Component (optional)

You must complete six (6) credits in leadership courses at Madison College with a GPA of 3.0 or better. The courses can be from our recommended list or other courses with approval of the leadership program advisors.

Your portfolio will include course descriptions and a 300- to 400-word summary of what you learned from each course.

Civic Engagement Component (optional)

You must complete 20 hours of service within a one-year timeframe. The activities must benefit people outside your student organization and cannot simply be fund-raising. You should be engaged in direct service activities.

You will submit a log of the hours worked at each service activity. In addition, you will submit a 300- to 400-word summary of what you learned from the experience for each service activity.

Capstone Presentation

Capstone Presentation

Upon completion of the leadership portfolio, you will prepare a 20- to 30-minute presentation about what you learned about leadership to share with your leadership advisor team and a member of the college's executive cabinet.

Presentations can vary in format. Be creative. For example, you could make an oral presentation, share a PowerPoint, create a leadership website or even paint a mural depicting what you learned.