Madison College Challenge

If you are dreaming of owning your own business or need guidance for your current business take the Madison College Challenge!  The Madison College Challenge is a three phase business plan competition. Finalists who make it to the third and final phase have a chance to win a $5,000 cash prize micro-investment.  This can be awarded to an aspiring entrepreneur (or team of entrepreneurs) designated for startup funding within the Madison College district.  

The Madison College Business Plan Challenge was created to:

  • Inspire individuals to become entrepreneurs
  • Connect individuals with Madison College alumni, academic experts, and private industry professionals
  • Help create new ventures, new knowledge and skill sets, new attitudes, and new jobs
  • Provide a non-traditional source of start-up funding for aspiring entrepreneurs within the Madison College district through a $5000 cash prize micro-investment from the Madison College Foundation

Highlights from the Fourth Annual Madison College Challenge, held May 6, 2016, coming soon

The Challenge is open to any Madison College student who was enrolled in at least one credit or non-credit class during the current or previous school year.

Check out highlights from 2015! 

Madison College Challenge 2015 Finalist Promo

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