Madison College Pitch

The Pitch is a business planning competition for area high school students. Students create and submit a video to explain their business idea, which can earn them a chance to “pitch” at the event before a panel of judges for cash and prizes.

By participating in The Pitch, students will learn effective communication and problem solving skills, and how to think in creative and innovative ways.

Students, teachers or mentors can send email to or like our Facebook page for more information. 

Madison College Pitch Competition - 2020 Promo

Student Registration

All students must register for the event. Registration is open so complete today!

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Round 1: Video

Video Submission deadline April 9

The Pitch Rubric – Round 1 is worth 85 points and broken down by the following:

  • Creativity of business or product idea. (15 points)
  • Length: 120 seconds-about 15 sentences. (15 points)
  • Grammar: Use full sentences, proper language and tense. (15 points)
  • Introduction: Introduce self, including name, high school and current grade level. (5 points)
  • Problem: Clearly identify the problems that needs to be solved. (10 points)
  • Solution: Identifies customer’s pain points and how to solve those problem. (10 points)
  • Marketing and Sales: Clearly identifies target market and go-to-market strategy (distribution channels). (5 points)
  • Financial Projections: Describe the financial forecast for this business venture using the bottom-up approach. (5 points)
  • Closing: Describe the next steps to move forward with specific goals and milestones. (5 points)

Up to ten video finalists will be selected by a panel of judges.

Students should record and edit videos in a professional manner. Below are the video requirements:

Video should be recorded:

  • In a quiet location.
  • With good lighting.
  • Using a tripod.
  • Recorded in landscape mode.
  • Speak clearly.
  • Edited version should be 120 seconds in length.

Videos should be edited in:

  • H.264 (MP4) format.
  • 1080 resolution.
  • Names in the following format: students last name, first name, business name, 2019.

Directions to upload video to YouTube:

  1. Navigate to the YouTube website and sign in to your account.
  2. Click "Upload" at the top of the screen.
  3. Click "Select Files from Your Computer" and select the video to upload. The video begins uploading automatically and the Video Options screen appears.
  4. Click "Unlisted" and your choice will be applied to the video as it uploads.
  5. Copy the YouTube video link (on the left side of the screen). Click on the video submission form, fill out your information and paste the link at the bottom.


Round 2: Pitch


The final pitch will take place virtually on Thursday, May 6, 2021.

  • The selected students from round one will move onto the final round and will pitch their idea to a panel of judges via zoom. More information  will be available after April 9th.
  • The top 3 finalists will earn cash prizes.
    • 1st place = $500
    • 2nd place = $200
    • 3rd place = $100

Implement the Madison College Pitch as a class project and receive a $50 gift card for your class to celebrate with treats of your choice.

Here are the steps to receive your gift card:

  1. Register your class here
  2. Optional: Reach out if you are interested to have a Madison College representative virtually speak about the Pitch.
  3. Have your students upload their video submission. (remind them to include your name and the class)
  4. Receive your gift card and celebrate as a class -pizza, donuts, bagels - your choice!
  5. Await notification if students made the top 10.

Resources are available for high school teachers to assist students in preparing their Pitches. Click on the Pitch Resource Toolkit to select from a variety of resources.

Madison College Pitch cash prize:

  • 1st place = $500
  • 2nd place = $200
  • 3rd place = $100

Winners will be announced at the live pitch contest and must be present to receive prizes. 

Please send an email to if you have any questions.