Medical Laboratory Technician - 3 Year Program Option

This program option is for students who want to work part time toward a Medical Laboratory Technician associate degree. For the student who needs to work more than 15 hours each week or has personal obligations that require taking fewer classes, the Medical Laboratory Technician Program has developed a three-year program of study leading to the associate degree. 

Each year, most new students choose this plan over the traditional two-year course of study. The three-year plan allows them to focus on learning while still meeting their other obligations. Students often are able to find part-time phlebotomy jobs that provide additional professional experience beyond what they might earn on the two-year plan.

The three-year plan is slightly flexible. Consult with the program director on modifications; Leah Narans, 608-246-6787 or This plan has been created with all program and course prerequisites in mind. Deviation from this plan may add an additional year to the time needed to earn the degree.

Please note that the three-year plan will require you to apply to the Medical Lab Tech Traditional program and will require that you meet certain pre-requisites prior to enrolling in Medical Lab Tech courses. You can find this information on the Medical Lab Tech program webpage within the admissions tab.



The courses listed below outline the requirements for graduation for students entering this program. Requirements for graduation may vary depending on the semester in which a student is admitted to the program. Program requirements are subject to change.

FIRST YEAR Fall Semester (# of Credits)

10-513-110 Basic Lab Skills (1)
10-513-111 Phlebotomy (2)
10-513-113 QA Lab Math (1)
10-513-114 Urinalysis (2)
Semester total credits (10)

*General Chemistry is required before taking General Anatomy and Physiology.  If you have not yet taken General Chemistry, you have the option of taking General Anatomy and Physiology in a later semester. Please consult with the program director on the best course of action.


FIRST YEAR Spring Semester (# of Credits)

10-513-115 Basic Immunology Concepts (2)
10-513-120 Basic Hematology (3)
10-513-121 Coagulation (1)
Choose from Microbiology or General Microbiology:
20-806-274 General Microbiology (5)

Semester total credits (11)

SECOND YEAR Summer Semester (# of Credits)

10-801-195 Written Communication (3)
Semester total credits (3)

SECOND YEAR Fall Semester (# of Credits)

10-513-110 Advanced Hematology (2)
10-513-133 Clinical Microbiology (4)
Semester total credits (11)

SECOND YEAR Spring Semester (# of Credits)

10-513-109 Blood Bank (4)
10-801-198 Speech (3)
Elective (2)
Semester total credits (9)

THIRD YEAR Summer Semester (# of Credits)

Semester total credits (3)

THIRD YEAR Fall Semester (# of Credits)

10-513-116 Clinical Chemistry (4)
10-809-197 Contemporary Amer Society (3)
Semester total credits (9)

THIRD YEAR Spring Semester (# of Credits)

10-513-140 Advanced Microbiology (2)
10-513-141 Pre-Clinical Experience (2)
10-513-151 Clinical Experience 1 (3)
10-513-152 Clinical Experience 2 (4)
10-513-153 Capstone Project (1)
Semester total credits (12)

Note: Completion of the program requires a 2-credit elective. This elective can be taken any semester or during the summer.

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