Gavinski shares appreciation for the human body

Madison College Anatomy and Physiology instructor Jennifer Gavinski.
Jennifer Gavinski, Ph.D.

As an undergraduate graduate student at St. Norbert College, Dr. Jennifer Gavinski became fascinated with one system of the human body. A biology professor introduced her to endocrinology, the branch of medicine that deals with hormones. And that’s when it happened.


She went on to earn a doctorate in Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology at UW-Madison. Her dissertation involved research in molecular and cell biology techniques to treat aggressive types of breast cancer.


Gavinski brings that interest and experience into her Anatomy and Physiology classes at the Reedsburg Campus. Most of her classes are filled with students entering allied health fields.


“I teach from a clinical standpoint,” Gavinski said. “It is easy to get passionate about something like breast cancer that touches so many people’s lives.”


Anatomy and Physiology I and II are perceived as daunting and intimidating courses. Gavinski tries to put her students at ease by letting them know she will be highly organized, so they will always know what is coming up and how to prepare.


“I also want them to know I am their best resource,” she said. “They should come to me first with questions.” That accessibility is one reason she loves teaching at Madison College.


One of Gavinski’s students said she “pushes you when you need an extra push.” Students also praise her lectures and approach to complex material. “She gives you ways to remember things,” the student added.


“These are rigorous courses,” Gavinski tells students. “But in the end, you are going to be caring for people. You have to know your stuff.”