Madison College honored for student voting rate

Susan Pohorski, PR & Marketing Writer

Highest percentage among large community colleges

Early Voting Station at Madison College
Madison College hosted early voting for City of Madison residents.

MADISON, Wis. – Madison Area Technical College students were honored today for the highest voting rate of a large community college during the 2018 midterm elections. The college received the 2019 Best in Class Award from the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge at the group’s Washington, D.C., biennial awards ceremony.

Award winners were selected for their exemplary leadership in helping students form the habits of active and informed citizenship. More than 560 institutions enrolling 6 million students are participating in the ALL IN Challenge.

“Our students are very civic minded and politically engaged,” said Howard Spearman, Ph.D., vice president of Student Affairs. “They see the value and impact their vote can have on our democracy.”

From 2014 to 2018 student voter participation more than doubled nationally. During that time period Madison College’s voting rate increased by 12.1% to 53.5%.

The 2018 average institutional voting rate of 39.1% is far closer to those of the last two presidential elections (47.6% in 2012, 50.9% in 2016) than to the previous midterm (19.7% in 2014) according to a recent Tufts University study.

Madison College officials expect that number to rise in 2020 due to increased voter registration efforts and by serving as an early voting location for City of Madison residents.

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Madison College serves more than 33,000 students throughout a 12-county district in south-central Wisconsin, offering nearly 180 diverse career programs, diplomas and certificates. Its mission is to provide open access to quality higher education that fosters lifelong learning and success in the communities it serves. Madison College is the second-largest institution in the Wisconsin Technical College System.