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Although all Writing Centers are closed between May 12 and May 29, you can submit the online tutoring form during that time. Expect a turn-around time of two business days.

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Global organization: We will look at the overall structure and provide feedback on if/how the paragraphs connect to each other as well as to the general purpose of the piece.

Paragraph Development: We examine paragraph development, reviewing your use of topic sentences, evidence and how that paragraph supports your point of view.

Using sources: researching, incorporating and citing: We will review if and how the evidence within paragraphs support your overall purpose and how well you blend the evidence with your own opinions, analysis and perspectives.

Editing for style and correctness: Choose this option if you would like feedback on how well you use transitions, academic or content-related vocabulary, as well as your command of the English sentence structure. Please be aware that we tend to only address repetitive sentence level issues versus detailed feedback on every grammatical issue, so that you learn one or two rules that you can practice using in the future.

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