Other Compensation Regulation

Regulation # 412



Responsible Administrator: Vice President of Human Resources

Location of Related Procedures: Office of Vice President of Human Resources

There are certain types of compensation that are not approved by the District Board, but which have been long standing practices of the College.

Stipend(s): A stipend may be used for a defined project with a specific deliverable, and the project should be outside the scope of the person's normal workload. The amount of the stipend should be linked to the specific project to be completed. The amount should not be greater than the going market rate, nor should the stipend represent a significant portion of the annual salary of a district employee. The stipend request form requires the signatures of the stipend recipient, dean or administrator, and the functional area vice president. To ensure stipends are consistently applied across the College, an annual report will be prepared which lists the recipient, amount, and purpose of stipends paid.

June 2014