A valid parking permit must be displayed at all times, and parking is allowed only in designated spaces. Parking along curbs or on the grass is not permitted on any Madison College campus. At the Truax campus, an "overflow" lot is located across Anderson Street, adjacent to Lot K off Straubel Street.

All parking at regional Madison College campuses is open to all students and visitors, unless otherwise designated. 

Map of parking lot at Truax campus


Student Parking

A valid parking permit is required for all vehicles parked at the Truax Campus. All vehicles must display a valid parking permit at all times and park in designated areas only. 

Designated parking areas for students are in marked stalls only. Parking along curbs or on the grass is not allowed anywhere on Madison College campuses. The Madison College Truax Campus offers additional parking in our overflow lot off of Anderson and Straubel streets.

Vehicles parked illegally are subject to a parking citation and/or towing at the owner’s expense without warning. Unpaid fines may result in suspension of your vehicle registration.

Parking permits are included in tuition fees for degree-credit students and are free for non-credit students. Parking permits may be obtained at the Welcome Center in the main Truax building and are valid for one academic year – always expiring in August. Please bring your OneCard or other government-issued photo I.D. 

Call Public Safety at (608) 246-6932 for inquiries or safety concerns.

Visitor Parking

At Truax, one-hour parking meters are provided off Anderson St. and Wright St. These metered stalls are enforced regularly, and unpaid or expired meters are subject to citation and towing.

A gated visitor parking area is located in the large lot west of Wright Street, as well as adjacent to the Health Education Building. Visitors are welcome to park there for free.

Students that park in areas designated for visitors without proper authorization are subject to ticketing and/or towing at their expense. 

For more information about parking, please call Public Safety at (608) 246-6031.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking is clearly marked and available in all Madison College campus lots. Parking along curbs or on the grass is not allowed anywhere on Madison College campuses. 

Students and staff do not need to register to park in stalls for vehicles for individuals with disabilities if they display a valid disabled identification card or license plate. 

At the Truax and Commercial Avenue campuses, vehicles parked in officially marked State of Wisconsin disabled motorist stalls must display the proper disabled license plate and/or permit. Violators will be ticketed and/or towed by the Madison Police Department without notice; disabled parking is governed by state and federal laws only, and Madison College's Public Safety Services has no involvement with the enforcement of these laws. 

For more information about accessible parking, please call Public Safety at (608) 246-6031.