Student Services Plan: Pillars of Promise

Pillars of Promise will guide the development and implementation of services and programs that foster access, student growth and development, and promote a culture of student success and completion.

(Ranked in priority order)

  • Personal
    Provide students with tools and skills to create personalized student plans capturing each student’s needs and pathways to success.
    • Conduct comprehensive assessments of students to identify their learning needs and develop needs-based profiles.
    • Use mandatory advising to guide students to explore career and employment opportunities, assist them in choosing a career pathway and connect them to college services.
    • Guide students to develop a life plan that establishes career, academic, financial and personal goals.
    • Assist students in monitoring their plans to make adjustments as needed to foster student success.
  • Responsibility
    Create avenues for students to obtain information necessary to make responsible choices that achieve desired outcomes for college and life.
    • Establish clear and concise written and web information about available resources and services to promote student self-advocacy and responsibility.
    • Offer literacy programs (financial and information technology) to support students on their pathways to success.
    • Modify and develop informative programs and services for students’ growth and development based on changing demographics and trends.
  • Opportunity
    Cultivate opportunities for collaboration with our external and internal partners that foster the exchange of knowledge, resources and expertise.
    • Collaborate with partners to research and develop proactive initiatives that positively impact student recruitment and retention.
    • Develop collaborative relationships with colleagues to ensure consistent and clear communication that fosters student success, in addition to providing a seamless delivery of programs and services.
    • Continue to build and maintain relationships with K-12 and higher education partners.
    • Continue to establish and build connections with employer partners to develop and enhance career education and training programs that address core workforce skills.
    • Provide learning opportunities that promote self-discovery and learning through civic engagement and service learning.
    • Partner with the Madison College Foundation to nurture an alumni base and explore financial resources. 
  • Membership
    Cultivate a campus climate that is respectful, engaging, inclusive and reflective of all members of the community.
    • Increase diversity of staff to be reflective of current and future students.
    • Build college inclusivity through educational programs and services that embrace and celebrate cultural diversity.
    • Provide opportunities for students to participate in college governance.
    • Provide opportunities for students and staff to participate in co-curricular, athletic and wellness, international, social, and leadership experiences.
    • Celebrate the successes and accomplishments of students, staff and faculty.
  • Innovation
    Foster and implement a culture of innovation and quality improvement to deliver flexible and creative teaching and service strategies.
    • Use data, experience, collaboration and creativity to ensure flexible and streamlined student services and programs.
    • Develop and practice methods of research and assessment that guide improvements to enhance student success.
    • Provide the highest level of customer service using technology, training and resources to improve user satisfaction.
    • Train college staff to ensure appropriate referrals for programs and services.
    • Develop creative budgetary strategies to provide resources for existing and new opportunities and services. 
  • Supportive
    Provide exceptional services to support all Madison College students.
    • Enhance services that increase student retention and completion through programs such as Early Alert.
    • Develop a comprehensive first-year experience program including mandatory College Success and mandatory orientation.
    • Develop a transfer center that works collaboratively with Learner Success to assist students in the transfer process.
    • Develop programs and services that reduce academic achievement gaps.
    • Coordinate and expand campus efforts for veterans’ services.
    • Assess student and staff satisfaction with Madison College services.
    • Implement universal design principles across all environments (instructional, physical and virtual).
  • Environment
    Foster an environment that is secure, accessible and comfortable for students and employees of all cultures.
    • Regularly provide cultural competency training for staff.
    • Establish a global and multicultural center that provides a safe space to nurture learning and encourage exploration of issues of race, ethnicity, culture and globalization.
    • Provide physical spaces that meet the needs of all students and staff.
    • Make a college-wide commitment to provide a safe, accessible and healthy campus.