Real Estate Continuing Education

Real estate continuing education is required for all licensees in each even-numbered year. A total of 18 CE hours are required. Four of the course titles are mandatory and two are electives. If you take all six classes below, you will meet the DSPS requirements for continuing education. All courses are online and self-paced.

CE 1: Wisconsin Listing Contracts

This real estate continuing education course covers current law and updates relating to Wisconsin listing contracts. Topics include agency, commission, duty to cooperate, protected buyers, amendments, licensee as seller, delivery, as-is listings and marketing/advertising.

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CE 2: Wisconsin Offers to Purchase

This real estate continuing education course covers issues relating to offers to purchase, including updated forms. Topics include as-is properties, pre/post-closing occupancy, fees related to transfers, closing documents for sellers/buyers, secondary offers, closing of the buyer’s property contingency, financing the transaction, disclosing of buyer relationship to licensee, insurability, fake buyers/scams, safety of licensees/consumers and licensee as buyer.

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CE 3: Wisconsin New Developments

This real estate continuing education course covers new developments in Wisconsin real estate licensing laws. Topics include new laws/code changes, new cases, and new and/or revised forms (buyer agency/tenant representation agreements).

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CE 4: Ethics and Best Practices

This real estate continuing education course addresses ethical issues in real estate practice. Topics include communicating with consumers/other agents, procuring cause and dispute resolution, contacting or being contacted by represented parties, buyers under buyer agency, enforcement of ethics/best practices and fair housing.

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CE Elective: Financing

This real estate continuing education course looks at issues relating to financing and recent changes in finance law. Topics covered include financing contingencies in state-approved offers to purchase, loan commitments, cash offers, loan programs, seller financing, lease with option, exchanges, SAFE Act, TRID, closing documents for seller and buyer, RESPA, and advertising financing terms.

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CE Elective: WI Approved Forms

This real estate continuing education course looks at forms that are often used and not often explained. Forms covered include amendments, notices, counter-offer, multiple counter-proposal, bills of sale, cancellation agreement and mutual release and addenda.

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