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Madison College students share their online course experiences


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Students across Madison College say it best: Madison College is supportive, affordable, flexible and transferable.  

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TeKema's story

Student Testimonials TeKema and Online Learning

Hear what nursing student TeKema has to say about remote learning.


Hannah and David

Student Testimonials David and Hannah

Hannah and David talk about their transition to online and the support they received. 


Stephanie and Niamh

Student Testimonials Stephanie and Niamh

Two students share how Madison College is saving them money. 

“I thought the transition from classroom to online went smoothly. It was actually pretty nice to attend class from the comfort of my home. I was still able to learn what I needed to do well in my classes.”

—Marshall, industrial maintenance student 


“Now, more than ever, I’m glad I chose Madison College. With patience and teamwork, they made my transition to remote learning easier. It’s obvious that student success and safety are important here. I feel supported and can’t wait to start the fall semester!”                        

—Mackenzie, nursing student 


"The support, motivation and positivity I received from my instructor really helped push me to be the best student I can be."

—Jameson, hospitality student 

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