Request for Bids and Proposals

Madison College adheres to federal, state, and WTCS purchasing rules and regulations as stated in the Matrix of Processes and Requirements.

The Request for bid/proposal process requires the preparation of documents, which include written specifications that fully describe the goods or services you want to buy. The Madison College Purchasing department is available to assist you in the preparation of these specifications.

Purchasing utilizes an online tool called Demandstar for notification and posting the request for bids and proposals. Potential vendors may register for free, and all vendors in the selected category automatically receive the request and any updates. Vendors are required to use Demandstar in order to respond to a "Request for Bid" or "Request for Proposal".

You will need to provide the following information to the Purchasing department to initiate the bid process:

  1. Bid/proposal specifications
  2. List of team evaluators

Writing Bid Specifications:

You will need to provide the Purchasing department with specifications for the product or service using the following guidelines: 

  1. Specifications should be non-manufacturer specific to allow for competition.
  2. Vendors who draft or develop specifications for departments will be excluded from the procurement process to eliminate unfair competitive advantage.
  3. Specifications should be described in precise terms or words. All abbreviations and acronyms must be defined in the bid document.
  4. All measurements, dimensions, gauges, capacities, size designations, volumes, temperatures, grades, ratings, etc. should be specified in accordance with established precedent and trade practices. Minimum/maximum or plus/minus requirements should be used whenever possible. If required, submit blueprints, drawings, graphs, etc.
  5. Specifications must contain the minimum acceptable requirements (such as years of experience) and may include the following or equal to:
    • Sizes:  dimensions for manufactured products, clothing sizes, weights. Express a range rather than a specific.
    • Units:  case, box, unit of purchase, each, dozen, gross, etc.
    • Performance specification where applicable, i.e. horsepower.
    • Timeline requirements (must be completed by X date).
    • Compatibility requirements, describe existing equipment with which the requested equipment or material must interface or integrate.
    • Composition specification, identify materials which must be used in the manufacturing process.
    • Maintenance requirements.
    • Special conditions of bid (delivery time, installation, etc.).
    • Term of bid/proposal if applicable.
    • Warranty requirements.
    • Trade-in/equipment disposal.

If you have any questions regarding specification writing, please contact Purchasing via email or call 258-2010.