Professional Sales Series

In this series of six classes, participants will learn effective sales strategies and practical applications to help them increase sales in:

  • Business to consumer sales
  • Business to business sales
  • Selling products and/or services
  • Selling in an existing market or developing new markets and territories
  • Selling less expensive items or selling more costly items and services

Participants will come away from this series with new ideas, motivation and energy to help them exceed their sales goals and objectives. Experienced sales professionals may opt to take one, two or all of the courses in the series depending upon their knowledge and experience. It is recommended that individuals with little to no sales experience and desiring a successful career in sales take all the courses in the series in the order in which they are offered.


To register, use the course links above to locate an upcoming section and login to add to cart, or note the 5-digit class number and phone (608) 258-2301, ext 2, for registration assistance.

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