Sewing and Fiber Arts

Whether you are creating needlework gifts, recovering your favorite chair, or creating a custom jacket, there is great satisfaction in being able to say, "Yes, I made that!" Our instructors can help you evaluate a design idea and learn the skills to implement it. Check out our our classes meeting live via the web.

Fall Courses

Knitting: Beginning

This course is designed for the beginning knitter. Learn to choose and interpret a pattern and select equipment and yarn. Basic knitting stitches and processes, perfection gauge, and finishing seams are also included.

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Knitting: All Levels

This course is for beginning as well as advanced knitters. Beginners learn to choose and interpret a pattern and select equipment and yarn. Basic knitting stitches and processes, perfection gauge, and finishing seams are also included. Advanced students work on projects of their choice. Individual help is provided. Projects may include hats, mittens, socks, sweaters, and shawls.

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Hardanger embroidery is the ethnic thread count stitchery of Norway. This class is offered workshop style with students working on a piece of their own choice or a class project for beginners. Stitches covered are klosterblocks, blanket stitch, double cable, eyelets, satin stitch stars, and open work (cutting, weaving, and lacing). Also, for intermediate/advanced students, variations of klosterblocks, complicated lacing designs (picots, woven flowers, etc.), and satin stitch star variations are presented.

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Floral Embroidery

Embellish your wares! Embroidery is a great way to spruce up old worn garments or simply give them a fresh appearance. It's a great time to be thinking about prints and patterns, too. Learn some easy-to-follow embroidery techniques to create your own embellishing patterns. This is also a great way to learn the basics of embroidery so you can take more advanced courses in the future.

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Shibori Scarves Online Workshop

Learn the Japanese Shibori technique from the comfort of your home. All you need are a few easy-to-obtain materials and you can follow along with the instructor's steps to create beautiful, intricate patterns on fabric that will captivate you and leave you begging for more!

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Fabric Collage Compositions

Free your mind and exercise your creativity with an easy project. Play with color, print, and texture while composing a hand-sewn fabric collage. Embroidery, mending and other stitching techniques will be utilized to embellish and add dimension to the piece. Final piece can become a wall hanging, a tote bag, a pillow or other item.

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Sewing Face Masks 2.0

Not all faces were created for the same mask! Face masks are here for a while so why not try out a few styles to see if you can get a better fit. While you may have made some masks already, our instructor will be sharing tips and techniques for three types of masks. Maybe one that does not fog up your glasses! Watch a live demo on how to cut, sew and complete three styles of masks and while YOU cut, sew and finish your mask. Your instructor will be there to answer your questions.

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Sewing: Microwave Bowl Holders

How many times have you burned your fingers lifting a hot bowl from the microwave? You need to make a microwave bowl holder! Grab the corners of the bowl holder with your bowl of soup in it and lift it safely from microwave to table. These are great for all ages and make wonderful gifts. For the beginner to advanced sewist.

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Sewing: Snap Top Bag

Join Denise Halada as she demonstrates how to make a quick, easy, and fun snap bag. A snap bag is made with a recycled metal tape measure as the closure for the bag. These bags can be made in many different sizes and shapes once you learn the basics. They make great gifts!

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Demystifying Needles and Threads

Ever wonder why there are so many types and sizes of needles and threads? When should you be changing your needle and thread? We'll take some of the mystery out of when to change the needle (not just when it breaks) and what type of thread you should be using for different fabrics. You will be surprised by how many types there are and how much smoother your sewing will go with the proper needles and thread!

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Measuring and Fitting for Sewing

Learn the steps you need to take to get a well-fitted pattern PRIOR to cutting out your fabric. You will start by learning how to take proper measurements so you can purchase the correct size pattern. Then you will learn about fitting ease and why it is important in pattern fitting. Finally, we'll share some basic pattern alterations to prepare the pattern for cutting out your fabric. Taking these steps leads to a successful garment!

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Cleaning a Sewing Machine

A well cleaned and fine-tuned sewing machine and serger can give you many hours of trouble free sewing and serging. We'll walk through how to clean your sewing machine and/or serger and how to do general maintenance. We will also look at how to achieve proper tensions.

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Beginning Quilting Online

For the true beginner to quilting. We will introduce you to the basics of quilting while you make a sampler, wall hanging or table runner. You start at “square one” learning how to use a rotary cutter and tools to cut fabric. Many techniques for piecing different blocks and attaching borders will be taught as well as quilting and binding.

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Basic Costume Design & Sewing

What to wear? From a masquerade ball to a Halloween party; cheering at your favorite sporting event or taking photos of your baby or adorable puppy or cat. Join us in a fun-filled sewing class to make costumes of your own design for you, your pet, and/or others. You will create a vision, a design, and learn the sewing foundations to create pieces to sparkle on stage, stand out at the party/event, or be unique. This course will engage you with hands-on practice and guidance.

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Sewing: Making Organizers

Make some organizers in your choice of color, pattern, size and style! Make totes, bags, fabric boxes or bowls to get organized for travel, work or play.

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Use the links above to find a class and register online or phone (608) 258-2301, menu option 2 for registration assistance.