Shared Governance

Shared governance is a collaboration and decision-making system and process that aims for participation and partnership among students and employees at every level. Its foundations are in equity, accountability and ownership. 

The goal of shared governance is to consider different perspectives and new ways of thinking. At Madison College, we employ interest-based problem solving (IBPS) to sustain accountable decisions that benefit our entire college. 

Our shared governance model draws upon the expertise and experience of every part of our college community. Using IBPS, we strive to make our best collective decisions. We also promote shared responsibility for collegewide policies, strategies and priorities. 

Shared Governance Bodies

The College Assembly is charged with overseeing the entire shared governance system. It makes recommendations on policy matters to the President. Members work on strategic planning and resource allocation.

The eight councils examine and make recommendations on specific issues to the College Assembly. 

  • Academic Council
  • Diversity & Community Relations Council
  • Employee Relations & Professional Development Council
  • Facilities Planning & Investment Council
  • Fiscal Management & Organizational Effectiveness Council
  • Information Technology Council
  • Institutional Effectiveness Council
  • Student Affairs Council

Task forces are work groups that analyze and make recommendations on issues to a specific council. 


Open communication is the key to authentic shared governance. It’s important to be heard, but also to listen with respect to all points of view. Making sure every member of our community is well informed about decisions and developments helps us all prosper.  

The goal is to provide every member of our college community a voice and to work together to achieve student success.

Let your voice be heard: Issues, interests and options can be submitted online.

You also can apply for council membership: Applications are available for students and employees.