Sociology is the study of groups and society and how they affect human thoughts and behaviors. Through scientific study, we pull back the curtain on the interactions and institutions that shape who we are.

Explore the ever-changing social world and your place in it through classes ranging from race to religion, gender to social problems, technology to criminology and more. Course topics may delight you, make you angry, give you something to tweet about or talk about at the dinner table. Most of all, they will make you think about the world and help you to see it in new ways.


Sociology Courses

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Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Program Support

Qualified students who enroll in the Madison College Honors Program have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a faculty member to research and develop an Honors Project in a particular discipline. By completing an Honors Project, you will receive general elective credits that may count toward your degree or certificate.


Full-Time Faculty

Autumn Behringer
Office: B2254, Truax
Phone: (608) 616-3526


Michael Billeaux

Office: B2240, Truax
Phone: (608) 246-6588


Angelika Gulbis
Office: B2250, Truax
Phone: (608) 243-4139 

Jackie Jebens
Office: D3618, Truax
Phone: (608) 246-6544


Martina Kunovic

Office: B2240, Truax

Phone: (608) 616-3406



Matthew Sargent
Office: B2246, Truax
Phone: (608) 246-6526

Dee Soles (Department Chair)        
Office: B2254, Truax
Phone: (608) 246-6750

Part-Time Faculty

Nadia Assad

Charles Ditzler             

Amy Grams                

Marline Pearson

Katherine Phelps



Helen Raatz



Victor Raymond          

Mitchell Ruesink 

Erica Siegl

Ahmad Sultan

Andrea Sumpter       

Cassandra Thompson 

Jeanne Wolz

Mimi Wuest                 



Ethnic Studies Certificate

Program number: 908091CERT 

Coordinator: Jackie Jebens, Sociology Department


Ethnic Studies courses explore the position of ethnic and racial minorities in the history, culture and society of the United States. These courses will help you develop philosophical insights and theoretical tools that encourage you to explore U.S. society and culture. 

Ethnic Studies courses will challenge you to think critically about the roles that race and ethnicity have played in the development of American history, culture and society. You will analyze aesthetic values, investigate historical processes and study how race and ethnicity are connected to issues that at first may seem unrelated.


Gender and Women’s Studies Certificate

Program number: 908093CERT

Coordinators: Autumn Behringer and Angelika Gulbis, Sociology Department


Gender and Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary certificate in which you will explore gender and gender relations through art, literature, history, psychology and sociology. Examine themes related to gender in cultural, historical, social, national and global contexts as you broaden your appreciation and knowledge of gender identities and equality. 

Topics include new themes in gender research and women's studies, visual representations of the sexes, language use by the sexes, power dynamics, gender identities, women's movement politics and generational changes. By understanding diverse life experiences, you will not only gain perspective relevant to your own life. but also develop communication skills employers want in today's workforce.


Social Sciences Data Analytics Certificate

Program number: 908092CERT 

Coordinator: Angelika Gulbis, Sociology Department


The Social Sciences Data Analytics Certificate (SSDAC) will teach you research skills for use in industry, education and beyond. Gain skills in theory, data collection, data management, data analysis, data visualization and data presentation. We will prepare you to work in academic research environments and for private or public employers. You will graduate with traits employers want, including good communication skills, ethics, logic and critical decision making.

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Sociology Faculty Advisors

Dr. Autumn Behringer

Dr. Angelika Gulbis

Note: Please contact one of the Liberal Arts Transfer Center Advisors if Dr. Behringer or Dr. Gulbis are not available for an appointment.