Special Conditions

The Financial Aid Office may be able make exceptions if you have special conditions that should be taken into consideration when determining your financial aid eligibility. Any special conditions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis based on the documentation submitted. The Financial Aid Office's decision about your status will be communicated to you after review of the documentation submitted. Any decision made is final and cannot be appealed to Madsion College or the Department of Education.

Dependency Override

If you do not meet any of the conditions to be considered an independent student for financial aid purpose, your parents must provide their information on your FAFSA, even if your parents do not claim you on their taxes, you do not live with them, or receive any financal support from them. However, if you are unable to provide your parent's information because you have no contact with your parents, or they refuse to provide their information, visit the Dependency Status webpage for more information.

Income Change

Unusual Income Circumstances - If you and/or your parents have experienced a significant decline in income since the most recent tax return was filed, contact the Financial Aid Office. You will be selected for a process called Unusual Circumstances:

  • Your financial aid will initially be determined based on your most recent tax return.
  • After the end of the Fall semester, the Financial Aid Office will post your Unusual Circumstances forms in your To Do List and send an email to your student email to prompt you to provide the necessary documentation to review your eligibility.
  • The new income information will then be reviewed to determine if your financial aid eligibility could be increased for the current aid year.

Marital Status Change - In the event of a separation, divorce, or death of your spouse or parent, contact the Financial Aid Office. You will be selected for a process called Verification, which will then be used to exclude that individual's information from your FAFSA application.

Additional Expenses

If you have additional expenses or other unrelated expenses that are not already included, you can ask to have your cost of attendance (COA) evaluated for a potential adjustment. In some cases, these adjustments will have no impact on the financial aid award, depending on the type and amount of the award. You must submit necessary documentation to justify the change to the Financial Aid Office for review. Some examples of these expenses are:

  • Unusually high medical or dental expenses for the current aid year that are not covered by insurance
  • Unusually high child care costs
  • Unusually high transportation costs
  • Study Abroad expenses

Decisions for an adjustment to your COA are at the discretion of the Financial Aid Office, and all decisions are final. Adjustment requests will not be accepted for housing, automobile or household repairs, consumer debt (credit cards, loan payments), household bills and expenses, or any other expense already taken into consideration when determining your COA.