The Craft of Specialty Beverages

Learn how to make delicious specialty coffees and loose leaf teas in these popular Madison College courses.  

Delve into the exciting world of specialty coffee in this hands-on course led by JBC Coffee Roasters coffee professionals.

Learn how coffee grows, is processed, roasted and ends up in your cup. Then take part in three hands-on work stations that will teach you professional-level techniques.

At station one, students will be led in a professional coffee cupping by licensed Q Grader Michael Johnson.

At station two, students will learn the art and science of manual brewing/pour over coffee and how different brew devices create different aroma and flavor characteristics.

At station three, students will receive hands-on instruction in basic espresso extraction working on a Nuova Simonelli Black Eagle, the official espresso machine of the U.S./World Barista Championships.

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