Standards of Academic Progress

Madison College has created standards of academic progress to help you as you reach for your educational goals. These standards and related procedures are designed to:

  • Recognize when you are making good or exemplary progress toward degree completion. If you've done well, we want to celebrate it with you.
  • Help you when you may be struggling with your classes. If you are not doing well, we want to provide the resources and assistance that can get you back on track.
  • Help you evaluate your educational choices. We want you to be certain you are in a Madison College program that suits you.

To encourage student success and progression toward completion during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the college is easing the requirements for the Satisfactory Academic Progress to help students achieve their education and career goals. Beginning Spring 2020, Madison College is suspending the calculation of academic standing.

  • The standings that will be impacted are:
    • Academic Good Standing
    • Academic Alert
    • Academic Probation
    • Academic Suspension
  • No email notification, paper notification, checklist items, or holds will be posted
  • Checklist items and holds from previous semesters will be removed during the week of 5/4/2020
  • Graduation with Academic Honors and Dean’s list will be awarded
  • If Academic Good Standing is requested and a signed release from the student is provided, Madison College will process the request
  • If you have questions about your academic standing, please contact your advisor by emailing


For information about Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress, visit the Satisfactory Academic Progress webpage.