Student Success Support Team

What is a student success support team? It's your list of advisors, faculty and mentors who are assigned to supporting you at Madison College.

Who is on my team?

Each support team is created for you based on your academic program, student groups and academic standing. Team members support you based on your needs and their role at the college. Students may see up to four roles displayed including:

  1. Academic Advisor

    Academic advisors are your source for:

    1. Academic planning
    2. Course selection
    3. Transfer planning
    4. Graduation

    Advisors are available anytime at or by calling (608) 246-6076 during regular business hours to make an appointment. 

    Students in the liberal arts transfer program may request a change of advisor after their first semester is completed. Students in all other programs have a single advisor assigned to that program.

  2. Faculty Advisor

    Check your student center for the name of your faculty advisor. Not all programs will have a faculty advisor assigned.  

    Some of the areas your faculty advisor may assist you with include:

    1. Program outcomes including career options
    2. Information about program courses
    3. Course sequencing to ensure you stay on track to complete

    Faculty advisors are available from September through May.

  3. Specialists

    The name of your retention advisor will show if you're on academic probation.

    Retention advisors support students to help them get back, and stay on track to completion or transfer.

    Once you clear probation you'll see this role removed from your success team.

  4. Mentors

    You may have a mentor if you belong to:

    1. Scholars of Promise
    2. TRiO
    3. Are a student athlete

    Students who belong to more than one of the above listed groups will see multiple names display.