Students with Disabilities

Being accessible to all students matters to us

Students with disabilities are a valued and integral part of the diverse Madison College Community, and 1,100 students use Disability Resource Services at MATC.

We work with you to provide an accessible and supportive learning environment with individually designed accommodations. If you are a student with a disability, you can expect Madison College to be accessible and provide as much support as possible on your educational path. 

Meet Julie

I wish I'd done this decades ago. After years of wondering, I was diagnosed with Asperger's. Luckily, I found my niche in IT, where my disability doesn't hinder me. The help I've received at Madison College gives me hope for my future.

My dream is to be the one people turn to when a cyberattack happens. I love the sense of victory I feel when I’ve looked a virus straight in the eye and beaten it. The MATC staff has given me such helpful resources, like headphones and special seating. My instructors and classmates accept me.

Julie, a Madison College IT student sitting at computer in lab classroom

Meet Roland

Years ago, I was hurt in a work accident. Since then, I've lived with chronic pain. School is a good distraction, and I love learning and keeping up with change. The Disability Resource Services team at MATC provides good direction, plus accommodations for parking and seating that make getting around easier for me. Even though they're helping more than 1,000 other students with disabilities, I still feel like my needs matter.

I graduated with a diploma in small business in 2012, but I’m back to start earning my bachelor’s degree. MATC cares and is here to help.

Roland, a Madison College student studying at table in the gateway

Why Madison College is the Smart Choice 

Get additional resources or answers to specific questions from Disability Resource Services.