Technology Support

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Open access to college laptops and Wi-Fi.

Madison College is excited to offer the required technology you need for successful remote learning. We are committed to doing all we can to provide affordable, accessible education for all.  

Am I eligible?

Madison College provides loaned laptop computers and internet hotspots free of charge to all currently registered students.

How do I request and receive a laptop and Wi-Fi?

Please complete the Self-Service Equipment Loan Request form.

What technology will I receive? 

You will receive: 

  • Laptop computer (property of Madison College) 
  • Microsoft tools and antivirus software (loaded onto your laptop) 
  • Wi-Fi hotspot so you can access the internet at your convenience 

Is Wi-Fi available on campus? 

Madison College has installed additional wireless access points in campus parking lots. Students who need internet access can come to these campuses by car to access secure internet Wi-Fi.  

Key Information 

  • This secure Wi-Fi is available between 7 am – 8pm, 7 days/week.
  • The network is Madison College’s secure Wi-Fi – MC-Secure. 
  • Users will need to log in with valid Madison College-issued username and password. 
  • You must park only in designated spaces while using Wi-Fi.
  • You must arrive in and remain in a vehicle and practice mandated social distancing at all times.
  • Public Safety will monitor these areas at Truax. Regional campus parking lots are monitored 24/7. 

Wi-Fi is available at the following specific campus locations: 

  • Madison Campuses:
    •  Truax – parking area north side of Health and Information Technology Building 
    • Goodman South – parking area nearest back/south entrance 
  • Regional Campuses:
    • Fort Atkinson – parking area – first, second rows of parking area on north side of building 
    • Watertown – parking area – first and second rows
    • Portage – parking area – first and second rows
    • Reedsburg – parking area on east and north sides of the building

Additional Wi-Fi is available off campus through eduroam:

Eduroam (education roaming) is a secure network service available to Madison College students. You can use your Madison College credentials at any eduroam-enabled school and get instant network connectivity. This also means visitors from participating schools can get wireless network connectivity at Madison College campuses.  

UW-Madison and UW-Platteville are eduroam members. Use your Madison College credentials to connect to the eduroam Wi-Fi if you are in range of UW-Madison and UW-Platteville campuses. Find additional eduroam locations using the locator map.

For more information, contact the student help desk at (608) 243-4444 or

Madison College: Online Learning