Textbook Adoption Policy

Madison College recognizes that the cost of textbooks and course materials can create a barrier to your success as a student.

The Textbook Adoption Policy (PDF) was created to provide cost-effective and high-quality textbook and course materials for students. 

We embrace these principles to guide the textbook adoption process:   

  • Collaboration increases uniformity across the college and its associated cost reductions. Collaboration also reinforces the goals of quality materials and low cost.
  • Transparency and accountability means that textbook and course material selections are easily accessible to all current and potential students, and other members of the college community. The goal is to eliminate hidden costs for all course materials.
  • Flexibility and innovation places textbook adoption decisions with faculty teams realizing that any approach may work for some departments or programs but not for others. No single policy can anticipate all future needs, but encourages faculty to follow these guidelines.
  • Low-cost to no-cost is a goal to eliminate textbook costs as a barrier to your education. 

All questions, ideas and concerns can be sent to textbookaffordabilitycommittee@madisoncollege.edu  or Holly Deering, Rental Textbook Program Analyst at hdeering@madisoncollege.edu