Take Action to Transfer

As you move forward on your transfer plan, taking the right actions at the right time is essential.

Transferring successfully to your new college or university means finishing with strong grades at Madison College and fully completing your transfer school’s admission and application process—by the required deadline.  

While you can take action to transfer anytime, if you’ve earned 31 to 64 credits the time is now to starting firming up your transfer plan. Your transfer advisor will continue to be your resource in your final semester(s) at Madison College. At the same time you will need to make that connection with your transfer school.  Don’t forget to see if your intended transfer school will be visiting Madison College

Transfer Action Checklist

Here are more details about taking the right steps to complete your transfer from Madison College to your new school.

  1. Define Madison College Departure Plan

    If you plan on completing your associate's degree before you transfer:

    • ​Run your advisement report.
    • Verify that you've completed all program requirements.
    • Apply for graduation at the beginning of your final semester through your Student Center.


    If you're transferring before completing your Madison College program:

    • ​Focus on meeting transfer admission requirements to your intended university and for your intended major.
    • Plan for the requirements of your UW Madison Transfer Contract if it applies to you.
    • Learn about Reverse Transfer.
  2. Complete Your Application Timeline

    Know transfer admission deadlines for your intended school(s).
    ​Pay special attention to whether your intended major has a unique timeline. ​Some schools will have a separate timeline for certain majors like nursing, business, education, etc.

    Plan your personal transfer application timeline.
    Applications can take two months or longer to complete. Take note of all that you need to do to prepare: writing essays, gathering letters of recommendation, ordering transcripts, etc.

    Develop an effective personal statement (if required).
    ​Take your time and follow all instructions. If possible, ask someone to proofread your statement before submitting it.

    ​Request letters of recommendation.
    ​Ideally, ask a faculty member to prepare your recommendation. Provide a copy of your admission essay to those who will be writing a letter of recommendation for you.

  3. Apply to Your Transfer School

    Submit all required transfer admission documents before the required application deadline. 
    If you're applying under the UW Madison Transfer Contract, make sure you include a copy of the signed contract with your transfer application. If you don't have a signed copy of your transfer contract, contact Advising.

    Pay attention to the official transcripts you need to send.

    • ​High school
    • All colleges attended
    • AP and CLEP test scores

    Request your MATC transcripts through your Student Center. 
    Ask for transcripts after final grades are posted for the current semester.