Transition First

Hybrid College Success Course 20-890-200

The transition to college for students with disabilities is an exciting and sometimes scary experience. In an effort to support students in this critical life event, Madison College offers a College Success course focused on the transition to college for students with disabilities. This course uses the successful College Success course model to explore the critical issues linked to the transition to college for students with disabilities (SWD), including self-management, critical thinking, self-advocacy and effective communication.

Take charge of your transition to college and earn 3 credits.

The class is held each year, starting in July, to prepare students for the upcoming fall semester. Check back for exact dates. This class meets in-person for 36 hours with 12 hours of flipped instruction (done outside of class). 


  • Be part of an active and collaborative learning environment
  • Develop personal leadership skills
  • Build assistive and educational technology literacy
  • Sharpen your learning strategies
  • Engage in community building
  • Develop self-advocacy, critical thinking and communication skills
  • Get connected to vital Madison College resources and so much more

To register, call Scott at (608) 246-6791.