Wellness Counseling: Diet, Nutrition & Health

This new, innovative completely online program is designed for professionals who are not weight loss experts, but who find themselves as the first contact for many needing assistance: nurses, teachers, counselors, social workers, fitness trainers, weight loss consultants, dietitians, mental health workers and healthcare professionals at all levels. Adding these classes to your practice will result in knowing how to answer questions, what resources to recommend, and where to send your client for the best assistance. Take one to expand your knowledge, or complete all five for a certificate in Wellness Counseling.

You may also be interested in Dietary Manager Certification. These courses are part of our Digital Learning Badge Program.

Introduction to Fitness for Wellness and Disease Prevention

The first half of this course will cover the topic of fitness and the health and wellness benefits of physical activity. Types of physical activity and the overall effect they have on the body will be discussed. Students will learn about lifestyle related diseases, their prevalence and associated healthcare costs. The other half of this course addresses obesity in children and adolescents, which continues to rise due to sedentary lifestyles and poor eating habits. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills to help their clients focus on improving well-being, health and physical fitness.  (This course is not preparation for the ACE Personal Trainer exam.)

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Emotional Eating & Food Addiction

The fields of diet and nutrition have been notorious for these trends for decades. Experts in the field refer to emotional eating as being prevalent in up to 75 percent of overweight and obesity cases. In 2016, The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse released a novel Report on Food Addiction. This unique new class examines both of these concepts and how they relate to the obesity epidemic, focusing on scientific evidence that continues to indicate that both concepts are here to stay.

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General Nutrition

This course is part of the Dietary Managers Program and is also open to anyone interested in learning more about good nutrition, health and wellness. Includes: Basic nutrition principles and practices, process of digestion and absorption, sources and functions of nutrients, nutritional needs during the life cycle and nutritional habits. Learn about making wise nutrition choices and the role of nutrition in optimal health. Additional topics include how to determine individual caloric and nutrition needs and current food issues. Students will be able to assess their own nutritional health in comparison to the MyPlate guidelines.

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Changing Diet-related Behaviors

The goal of this course is to provide a better understanding of the concept of change and to assist healthcare and human services professionals in the planning of practical strategies for clients to use in changing diet-related behaviors. The principles of motivational interviewing, an evidence-based interviewing style that facilitates patient-driven behavior change, will be covered. Examples of overcoming obstacles to affect change will be presented in related case studies.

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Nutrition and the Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease

This course presents the etiology of chronic disease and the impact of diet and exercise on prevention and management. The course covers chronic diseases that are major causes of mortality including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and obesity. The effects of diet and exercise on disease prevention and progression are examined.

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