WolfPack Forgiveness Program

The WolfPack Forgiveness Program (WFP) is Madison College’s commitment to provide access to former students who experienced financial challenges while pursuing their educational goals, resulting in an unpaid tuition balance of $1,100 or less. This program aims to provide an option for former students who desire to re-enroll and finish their educational program at Madison College through a matching commitment.

For consideration, students must:

  • Not have been enrolled at Madison College in the past two (2) years;
  • Have a financial hold of no more than $1,100 with Madison College;
  • Be within two terms of completing their credential;
  • Possess and, if accepted, maintain a 2.5 GPA;
  • Commit to ongoing support services designed to help them achieve their educational goals;
  • Complete a FAFSA and be eligible to receive financial aid;
  • Have the means to pay current charges.

Selected students who agree to participating in the program, will have their past due balance reduced incrementally over two terms. The Interest Form submission does not guarantee acceptance into the WolfPack Forgiveness Program. The Financial Aid Office will contact the applicant to inform them of next steps for the program.


How do I find out if I qualify?

Students interested in the program must complete and submit the WFP Interest Form. The Financial Aid Office will review the information and contact the former student to verify eligibility.

If I have a balance at another institution, can I qualify?

No. Madison College cannot forgive tuition balances owed to other institutions.

How is my balance forgiven at Madison College?

Each term, after successful completion of the requirements, Madison College will match the amount up to $275 that the student has voluntarily paid towards his or her outstanding balance. This process will continue until the balance is paid in full within the two terms. 

Am I responsible for current term charges?

Yes. Students who participate in the WFP must be able to pay for current tuition and fees. Each student is required to complete the FAFSA application each year to determine funding eligibility. 

Will my hold remain on my account?

Yes. Students in the WFP still have outstanding balances, which are subject to a hold. However, the college will work with each student to temporarily lift the hold during select registration periods so the student can enroll in classes.

How do I register for classes?

Students in the WFP are required to attend a mandatory session that will assist them in reapplying to Madison College as well as attend an Advising & Registration session. After the initial session, students must attend a registration lab each semester to register for classes.

Can I change my program?

No. Students only qualify for WFP if they have completed at least 50% of their required program courses. Students starting a new program would not meet the 50% completion minimum and would not qualify for the WFP.

Do I have to be full-time?

No. Students who are a part of the program have different amounts of needed credits for completion. However, participants must be able to complete their program within two terms. This is regardless of part-time or full-time status.

WolfPack Forgiveness Interest Form