World Languages

The World Languages Department at Madison College hosts the study of Arabic, French, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. We provide you with an education that targets different learning styles in an active and collaborative classroom where both students and instructors are encouraged and expected to communicate in the target language as much as possible (90% of class time). Our role is to create a supportive learning community in the classroom and provide the necessary tools for you to use the target language on your own.

Our faculty is dedicated to making our classes fun, active, interactive, and engaging. Our classes focus on both language and culture so you may become more aware of different points of view. Cultural sensitivity will also open doors to diverse job opportunities in our globalized society.




World Languages Courses

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Mandarin Chinese


Qualified students who enroll in the Madison College Honors Program have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a faculty member to research and develop an Honors Project in a particular discipline. By completing an Honors Project, you will receive general elective credits that may count toward your degree or certificate.


World Languages Faculty

Alena Olson

Spanish Instructor



Arsenio Cicero Sancristobal

Spanish Instructor



Caitlin Beduhn                                             

Spanish Instructor

Office: D2602, Truax

Phone: (608) 616-3324



Carolina Bailey (Department Chair)                                             

Spanish and French Instructor

Spanish and French Language Proficiency Certificate Advisor

Office: D2602, Truax

Phone: (608) 616-3501



Gina M Lewandowski

Spanish Instructor



Heather McDonell

French Instructor



Hicham El Majdi

Arabic Instructor



Katherine  Lydon

French Instructor



Kathryn Grovergrys                                    

Spanish Instructor

Online and Hybrid Instruction

Office, E3854A, Truax

Phone: (608) 246-6929



Magdalena Coll-Carbonell                          

Spanish Instructor



Mary Haight                                                 

French Instructor

French Language Proficiency Certificate Advisor

Interdisciplinary Global Studies Certificate Advisor

Office: E3868, Truax 
Phone: (608) 246-6471


Roberto Garcia Delgado

Spanish Instructor


Stacia Corona

Spanish Instructor

Phone: (608) 215-6331


Tamesia Sosa                                    

Spanish Instructor

Retention Coordinator Advisor/SAC Tutoring Coordinator

Office: D2602, Truax

Phone: (608) 243-4029



Xiaoyi Sun

Chinese Instructor


Placement & Retro Credit

World Languages Course Placement Testing (WebCAPE)

Do you have previous exposure to the language you wish to study? If so, you can take our placement test to see what course would work better with your current level of a foreign language.

Foreign Language Retroactive Credits

You may be able to receive retroactive credit if you’ve previously studied a world language in High School. For example, you can take Spanish 2, complete it with a “B” or better, and get credit for Spanish 1 as well. (NOTE: Native speakers are not eligible.) You can take a placement exam to see if you qualify. For more details, see the World Languages Retroactive Credit tab on Transcripted Credit.

Native Speakers

Native speakers of Spanish or French should NOT enroll in our introductory-level courses in their native language. We consider you a native speaker if you were educated in that language through at least ninth grade. If a native speaker chooses to enroll in one of our introductory-level courses in his/her native language, he/she must take the placement test and consult with the instructor. Students may NOT earn retroactive credits for coursework in their native language.


Language Proficiency Certificates

The Language Competency Certificate (Spanish or French) courses focus on improving language communication skills and cultural understanding. We will prepare you to better engage with diverse communities and a global workforce by speaking a non-English language. Our courses develop language skills, enhance cultural awareness, and provide hands-on experience in the field using the language you choose for your certificate. These classes and experiences challenge you to communicate in the language while growing your appreciation for cultural differences. 

Earn digital badges while doing your certificate!

For more information, contact Carolina Bailey ( for the Spanish Certificate or Mary Haight ( for the French Certificate.

Global Studies Certificate

If you’re interested in World Languages you may consider the Interdisciplinary Global Studies Certificate. The program is designed to integrate student learning across disciplines and programs and foster connections between disciplinary learning, world languages and study-abroad experiences. Learn more on our webpage or contact

World Languages Lab

The Student Achievement Center is the home of the World Languages study room, as well as faculty and tutors willing to help you improve your language skills. You will also find information about tutors, movies, music, international food and more! Some of the services we offer are:

  • Conversation hours
  • Instructor-led tutoring
  • Student-led tutoring
  • Study groups
  • Pronunciation and Grammar workshops
  • Extracurricular outings such as cultural visits to museums or language dinners

For more information, contact Tamesia Sosa ( or visit the World Languages Room at the Student Achievement Center.

Study Abroad Opportunities

The World Languages Department offers study abroad in Costa Rica for Spanish students, and Quebec for French students. Both programs happen yearly, from mid-May to mid-June. Find more information or apply at

Costa Rica

In this 4-week program you’ll study Spanish at Instituto de Cultura y Lengua Costarricense (ICLC), in the small town of Carrillos, Alajuela, while earning Madison College credit and experiencing critical language and cultural immersion. You’ll stay with a host family, and experience a number of excursions and cultural activities.


Study French in the beautiful province of Quebec at the Centre Linguistique du Collège de Jonquière and earn a semester’s worth of French language credit in four and a half weeks. Situated just two hours north of Quebec City in the midst of a majestic natural landscape, the community of Jonquière is 100% French-speaking and is very welcoming. Each student will be placed in a homestay family and will participate in weekend activities and excursions in the target language.