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Youth Career and College Fairs

Madison College's Intercultural Exchange, in partnership with Edgewood College, is pleased to offer Ethnic Youth Career and College Fairs. These fairs focus on three different communities: African American, Latino and Asian. The fairs are open to students from all high schools within the MATC district. We do not provide transportation.


The purpose of our Youth Career and College Fairs is to show students that higher education is attainable. We do this by providing information that will help you identify jobs and programs in high demand over the next 10 years. You will have the opportunity to attend career workshops and create a curriculum for your designated career track.

Dates & Times for 2018 

These dates are subject to change.

Asian Youth Career and College Fair: January 26, 2018

African American Youth Career and College Fair: February 23, 2018

Latino Youth Career and College Fair: March 15, 2018

All Youth Career and College Fairs are held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Madison College – Truax Campus.

For more information on Youth Career and College Fairs, please contact us at


  • High School Student Registration

    Current high school student interested in attending one of the Youth Career and College Fairs and high school counselors interested in registering a student to attend can register here: Student Registration will open in the Fall of 2017. Stay tuned.

    High school chaperones, we ask that you please register here: Chaperone Sign Up.

  • College & University Registration

    Colleges or Universities interested in joining us for college fair portion at the Youth Career and College Fairs can register here: College & University Registration. The cost of registering for a table is $150 per Fair.

  • Present at a Youth Career and College Fair

    We invite you to participate as a volunteer guest presenter at these events and share with students the education and training required to work in your particular career area. It would be our honor to have you serve as a role model and mentor to these students. If you would like sign up to present, please register here: Present at YCCF

    We are seeking presenters in the following areas:

    • Apprenticeship & Trades (Welding, Electrician, Technician, Barber/Cos, etc.)
    • Automotive (Automotive Service Technician, Auto Electronics Specialist, Transmission, Alignment, etc.)
    • Business (Accounting, Small Business Entrepreneurship, Banker, Manager, Supervisor, etc.)
    • Education (Teacher, Early Childhood, Higher education, Principal, etc.)
    • Health Services & Nursing (Interpreter, Nursing Assistant, Dental, Health and Wellness, etc.)
    • Human Services (Case Manager, Community Support Worker, Social Worker, AODA Counselor, etc.)
    • Information Technology-IT (Web developer, Network Specialist, System Analyst, Software Technician, etc.)
    • Law Enforcement & Protective Services (Police, Firefighter, EMS, Investigators, Detention Workers, etc.)
    • STEM Program (Biotech, Electrical, Engineering, Math, etc.)
  • Volunteer at a Youth Career and College Fair

    If you would like to be a volunteer at one or more of the Youth Career and College Fairs, please register here: 2018 YCCF Volunteer. You even get a free t-shirt!

  • Scholarships

    Scholarship information for the 2018 Ethnic Youth Career and College Fairs coming soon. Stay tuned. 

Commitment to Diversity

Madison College’s response to the changing nature of diversity, which includes, but is not limited to, gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity and disability, requires a commitment by each member of the Madison College community to create and sustain a learning environment built on respect for the unique experiences and potential of all. This ensures that Madison College is preparing students personally and professionally to become active and successful participants in a complex, diverse world.